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    Im very surprise to not see anything about recoil reduction on Buck C8 or CAMRS because it's really unbanced IMO. Glad to see the Super90 nerfed because it was ridiculous and game breaker.

    But you guys should work on lag compensation or netcode (I dont know how to call it), hitreg fail and bugs (ex: drone fall off map or body parts showing trough walls.) and what plague this game CHEATERS, more than trying to balance the game for the moment. Just saying...

    Otherwise, great game, lot of improvements since first release, dont stop the good work.
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    Bad choice at Buck changes.
    He was my main operator because i played him different than most and very effective.... But now the holes just get too huge to be hidden and makes him plain useless now since every operator with breaching charges or sledge/ash will make the same size of holes which are pretty obvious for the enemy.

    You guys shouldn´t make changes depending on the minority of "pro league players" because they aren´t even the best and most tactical players of the game.... they´re more like those CoD-run&gun type of players and are hurting this game and franchise of R6.
    Changes should only be made depending on the majority of the playerbase who play some operators most of the time and realy know how to use them.

    If you keep listening to the minority of those "pro league" players (which number is decreasing very fast), then trust me, you´ll lose a lot of your customers who actually keep the game alive with their money, pro players don´t, they usually don´t pay something since they get everything for free, like skins.
    Even if the game gets some little attention through ESL, but if the majority (your normal customer) speaks, then your 100 pro players and ESL can´t do anything anymore for your game/company (people wont get attracted anymore, no matter who plays in the league)
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    Buck > Sledge?

    I'm not on board with the buff to Buck as I think it makes Sledge completely redundant.

    I was under the impression that Buck's whole gimmick was the ability to rapidly open sightlines to create muderholes, although you can of course string these together to create a path through the wall (as demonstrated above). This, and of course, effectively having three weapons (shotgun-assault rifle/DMR-pistol). Sledge on the other hand is all about quickly creating new pathways using his breaching hammer. However, this buff has been designed with the idea of allowing Buck to, in a single shot, punch a hole in a wall which he can then use as a pathway.

    As these operators now do the same job, namely to rapidly create new pathways through breachable surfaces, I have to ask which one does it better? To me the answer is clearly Buck as he dos not need to stand next to a wall to breach it (although he does need to be close), and does not lower his weapon whilst he breaches which can allow for a rapid response to any uncovered defenders (assuming he did not get a penetration kill in the first place. Sledge (on the other hand) needs to stand next to the wall, lower his weapon, wait for a short animation to play, and then pick his weapon back up before he can deal with threats. Not only is this process slower than Buck, it's also riskier as there's also a (brief but certainly present) moment as Sledge where you are unable to respond to threats.
    Furthermore, I find that Sledge can also be unreliable when breaching as, if you pull back from a wall too early when swinging the hammer (so as to try and reduce the time you are exposed), you will only destroy one of the two 'layers' of wall. This means you need to take another swing which wastes both time and 'hammer charges' (you know, you can only use Sledge's hammer so many times before it, erm, breaks(?)). Buck uses a shotgun; as long as you are close enough to the wall your shot will penetrate. Hell, even if it doesn't, you can fire again in less than a split second.

    My question is, if the above changes are implemented, why would I ever want to pick Sledge?

    If I were to change Buck at all, I'd instead do one of two things:

    1. Make his 'gadget button' an alt fire button, which would immediately fire his skeleton key
    2. Allow Buck to fire his skeleton key as soon as the gadget button is pressed by either shortening the 'switch' animation or allowing players to cancel the animation by firing

    I feel that these two changes are in keeping with what I understood to be the point of Buck, the ability to rapidly create sightlines and being able to switch to a shotgun when needed.
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    I have to agree with post #12 and 13
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    Hah, finally there will be no need to waste a huge amount of shotgun ammo to create a vaultable hole...
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    Buck's C8-SFW recoild is horrible, do something with that.
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    im so hoping on hit reg tweaks...
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    Legacy Controls Please!
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    All Weapons with Acogs Recoil should be tripled while using acog! There is simply not enough recoil when using acog scopes in this game! please add more recoil to all Acog scopes, and this is coming from a player that is on the #1 Xbox NA pro league team nemesis! Also as the guy in post # 11 said please fix the net coding etc! This is a video comp of how bad the net coding is that i put together recently!
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    nothing for cheaters..o yeah
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