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    Just bought, realised no time attack mode. What the heck?
    Getting refunded.

    It makes no sense.
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    Local multiplayer is a joke and an afterthought without this mode.

    How this issue, and yes, it should be considered an issue, has gone open for this long is impossible for anyone posting here to understand.

    The only reason that people play TrackMania as opposed to any other racing game out there is because of how the online races are structured. You go in, you have 3 minutes, and you keep racing the track until you get it JUST right, shaving seconds off your lap with each try.

    To not only overlook this mode, but to IGNORE the requests made for it by the community is insane. The current splitscreen modes are terrible minigames that are not only poorly structured, they are annoying to even navigate around. The entire splitscreen experience is clunky, and the game modes suck. They've duck-taped a bunch of garbage together and called them "mini games" instead of delivering on what makes TrackMania so damn fun.

    It's sad. I would have returned the game if the store would let me. Now it just gathers dust and serves as a reminder that the game is dead to me and many others.

    You guys had one objective, and you failed to deliver to everyone that has posted in this thread, and the countless others who unfortunately didn't think to take to the forums to complain about this failure. You guys screwed us on local splitscreen BIG LEAGUE.
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    Very disappointed too

    I bought the game because I wanted to play time attack mode and I took it for for granted that the game would have this game mode. If I could choose I would rather have my money back when I see that the game doesn't have this game mode in split screen. I played the existing splitscreen modes for a couple of hours with my friends and got bored of the game. Now I only play the game if I'm really bored on my own.
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    This game is a joke, the splitscreen modes are an insult, this company is a stain.

    The only reason people play TM over any other game is the relaxed time trial system.

    It's missing from local split-screen, and instead we get bad mini games and an abrupt ending if a single player crosses the finishing line. This is absolute trash.

    Developers ignoring this issue completely. I won't be buying anything with a Ubisoft logo on it ever again.
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    Hi cptcool1,

    You are welcome to take part to the forums discussion if you respect the forums rules:
    Originally Posted by Nadeo_Cerovan Go to original post
    These forums are for the discussion of Ubisoft games, including advice, feedback and general gameplay talk. We ask that all posts are civil, respectful and constructive – this ensures all visitors can enjoy and benefit from these forums, plus we can more easily collect feedback to pass on to Nadeo game developers.

    To this end, there are specific forum rules covering the sort of behaviour that is and isn’t acceptable here. While the general guideline of “Treat others as you would wish to be treated” applies, all visitors must also abide by these rules. If you do not do so your post may be moved, locked or deleted, and may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    Online Safety
    Inappropriate Content
    No Flaming
    No Trolling
    No spamming
    Stay on topic
    Private Threads
    No bumping
    Reporting Posts
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    Duplicate Accounts
    Moderators and Forum Managers

    Please also note that when you created an account you agreed to abide by the Ubisoft Terms of Use. This along with the general Rules above need to be followed in order to ensure we continue to have the best communities possible.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    And please don't speak into the name of all players. We speak with many players and I can confirm that they like Trackmania (I include all Trackmania games) for many different reasons: creating maps, having fun in family, taking part to competitions, meeting players on servers, developing tools, servers, creating game titles (for Trackmania games released in maniaplanet), driving the solo campaign, etc.

    Trackmania Turbo is a console game that we also released for PC players but it's developed as a console game.
    So for sure you will find features only available in Trackmania Turbo (as double driver) and you will also find some features only available for Trackmania titles developed for PC.

    Best regards
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    I was hoping the time attack mode (which is the only mode ever in all Trackmania games everyone I know played) would have been added by now. paid 40euros for this game only for it to start up and get the nasty surprise of the one thing that made Trackmania unique not be there. Too bad I was the first of my friends to find out but at least I spared them the money and headache of buying this trash :/
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    Where I work we have a game club that picks a game each month for the company XBox. This was our most recent pick, but it was a surprise to find out that the time attack mode is not available in split-screen mode. It was the game mode we were expecting to be playing, and would still like to be playing. For now we are getting something else instead. An update with the mode for split-screen would be very good news!
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    @AlinoA_ is there any reason you guys haven't added this yet? Basic **** that's already in the game just needs porting to split screen, time attack and multiple map selection.

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    100% Agree

    I also bought this game because I played time attack on the Wii Trackmania with my pals. It had so many ways of customizing the experience and the gameplay, but a 2016 game has only a regular race (which tends to end lightning fast if you are the last player, especially annoying on two players only) and no time attack. Time attack was the real deal in the original game, as well as setting random tracks, difficulties, amount of maps etc... Of course you have those odd game modes like dual driver and the "secret" gamemodes, but we found no joy in them, generally anger that the time was spent on those instead of making the regular splitscreen fun.

    This game seriously needs a splitscreen buff. I might return it and give a thumbs down in following reviews, as splitscreen is the reason I bought it, and negating so simple things is really heartbreaking for a gamer. I hope Ubisoft, for once, listens to the community.
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