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    Open beta feedback/suggestions


    I've been playing TM since the first original PC release and finally having this on current gen consoles is an absolute blast, so thanks to Nadeo and Ubi for making this happen. I've run through the open beta single player campaign and spent several hours on online multiplayer and would like to share some feedback and suggestions from my experience:

    1. Glorious 60fps!
    Single player campaign is 99% of the time running at a beautiful 60 fps (along with the occasional screen tearing that other people are complaining about). However, my online experience in comparison loses this luxury, frequently dropping below 60 fps and is very noticeable in my eyes for certain maps and high player counts.
    => It would be highly welcomed if some fine tuning could maintain 60 fps during multiplayer (Even at the expensive of e.g. some graphical fidelity and/or draw distance).
    => EDIT: a clarification that I'm playing on Xbox One, and not on some upgradeable ninja PC rig

    2. Lagoon: vehicle handling
    Canyon vehicle handling = a lot of fun. Stadium, as good as it has ever been. Valley = also a lot of fun. For Lagoon however, and as much as I like a challenge, there seems to be a highly-unforgiving sensitivity curve applied to the lagoon vehicles. If I were to turn the analogue stick slowly/steadily from centre to full left or right, it's as if there is a huge central deadzone (VERY low sensitivity) which then transitions to almost full lock over a infinitesimally small range. It's almost like digital steering. If this is meant to be an intentional handling characteristic for this environment, I personally find it very unforgiving. Canyon, Valley and Stadium didn't pose too much problem to hit gold/trackmaster medals, whereas I had to restart A LOT for lagoon tracks since I found it incredibly hard to take seemingly simple bends without immediately eating the apex or ploughing straight to the outside of the turn. Rather than focusing on a precise racing line, I'm having an angry breakdown just trying to keep the car on the track.
    => Could steering sensitivity sliders (an adjustable curve as well as a global sensitivity) be made available for each vehicle in the settings?
    => EDIT: I figure that those of you with Xbox One Elite controllers have the option to personalise the response curve of each analogue stick; are any of you able to test to see if you can "tame" or modify vehicle handling this way? (this is by no means a fix, but just a way to see if user-end adjustments are feasible)

    3. Valley: sticky water puddles
    This may be best described as a bug and should be in "issues" sub-forum but I will leave it here for now... I first noticed this on Single Player campaign "Down & Dirty Valley 15 (multilap)" and happens - without fail - EVERY single time... The multilap race starts with a quick right followed by long left before a drop/jump into a puddle, followed immediately by a second puddle. From the start line to the first puddle, I am at full throttle and can always edge in front of the gold ghost. However, as soon as I hit the first puddle, there is a brutal immediate slowdown on my vehicle yet the gold ghost somehow manages to fly past and ahead, seemingly unaffected by the "sticky water". I've tried all sorts of minor adjustments to my racing line and entry speed as I splash down into this first puddle but I cannot for the life of me keep my speed up with the gold ghost. The impact is frustrating, as with a clear lead on lap 2 and 3, the lead is quickly wiped out as soon as I hit this puddle and gold ghost shoots ahead, invincible to the stickiness.

    I've not been able to systematically replicate this problem on other Valley maps, but I have experienced it randomly during multiplayer. On several occasions, I've found opponents getting caught in the water whereas I happen to fly through unaffected; other times it's been the other way round.
    => If this is an intentional design element, it does not seem to be slowing down all cars consistently, or seems to be way too brutal for certain entry lines/speeds.

    4. Button mapping
    => Please could we implement custom button mapping? For instance, I much prefer accelerate = A, brake = X, change camera = B, look behind = Y and reset/start = LB/RB, music mix = d-pad left/right
    => Please could we add additional functions to be mapped to the buttons (there are enough available buttons on the PS4/XBO controller)?
    • Show scoreboard (toggle or press-to-show; I appreciate this function is available but it is an ergonomic obstacle, currently requiring no less than 3 buttons to access Start > Down > Select whereas I just want to flash up the scoreboard for a quick glance during the race)
      => EDIT: I have just discovered that RB/R1 does this
    • Show/hide multiplayer ghosts (on smaller tracks, racing against 100+ players is an impossible visual exercise)
    • Show/hide HUD
    • Horn! (loved this on the PC, sounding it just as you pip 1st place to the finish line).
      => SUGGESTION: like how we currently have to unlock car skins/designs, the same system could be applied to car horns, a whole range of fun sounds could be used - if I may use GTA Online car customisation as an example)

    5. Camera views

    Previous PC releases had more camera views, which I cycled through and used extensively in order to optimise/adapt my view for a given track.
    => Please could you consider adding, at least, a 'bonnet' camera and a 'high-chase' camera?

    6. HUD
    • Notably during multiplayer, my best lap time is permanently displayed in the top left corner but my latest lap time is displayed just for a couple of seconds at the end of the run before disappearing when I restart
      => Could the previous lap time (and sector times if possible) also be permanently displayed just underneath the best lap time?
    • PC releases have, as far as I remember, displayed the global ranking of each player in brackets next to their name when the scoreboard is displayed
      => Could this be implemented in TM Turbo?

    7. 'Rounds' game mode?
    As much as Time Attack mode is the foundation of TM to show who's the quickest, I've always been a huge fan of Rounds mode in the PC releases to show who's not only the quickest but the most consistent. It gives all us facing fans a familiar format that is the foundation of all racing games: first across the line = win; first across the line every time = champion.
    => If it hasn't made it in already, please consider "Rounds" mode for the final release or a future update.
    => EDIT: I have just found the game mode filter in the room browser; 'Rounds' mode is there! but hardly anyone plays it :/

    Well done on this open beta release, it's already a solid product and is a tremendous amount of fun single- and multi-player.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Please please please Ubisoft / Nadeo, this feedback is pretty much exactly what I was about to write. Been playing the game since the first release of Trackmania stadium, been quite exited since the announcement of this new title.

    You've done an amazing job in the past, it would be sad to see you release this new title in this state. So close to the goal!

    The mapping of our own key is a no brainer. Or at least, simply switch the (X) for break and (Square) to accelerate. In what world have you seen a driving game with this configuration? FOR YEARS, you accelerate with X and brake with Square, don't try to reinvent the wheel please.

    Also if I can add one thing, the music, why would you restart the music track every time I restart the race? It's a racing game, I'm playing to win, if I mess up my first turn, I'll restart over, I don't want to music to restart at the same time, it is such an immersion breaker :'(

    Keep up the good work guys!
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    I agree what S9YAU says,but I would like to add some stuff.

    The green Go needs to disappear a lot quicker,very distracting if there a corner close to the start.

    When doing three laps the pause/stuttering the xbox one gets going over the start/finished line very off-putting.
    ( i do use a fast external hdd on xbox one if that helps)

    Stadium f1 car feels like the car is slower then the ones in tm 2.
    Screen tearing must be fixed as said before.

    Also i know this is a beta.
    But i could not play it without the internet being on.
    I hope the final release on the xbox one.I can play it without the internet,as i don't always have it on on my xbox one.
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    -> distracting text-inserts:

    - the "GO" after the start-countdown stays on screen a bit too long; is annoying if there's a corner just after the start
    - name above other driver's cars can't be switched off; if there're dozens of players online they do block your view and you kinda have to steer your vehicle without really knowing where you're going
    - the "xy player joined, press L3 to say hello"-insert bugs me as well, especially if you're in a long left turn
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    I totally agree, especially with the points regarding the Lagoon vehicles and the puddles.
    For the puddle in that particular multilap track, I have discovered, that keeping slightly to the left when entering the puddle prevents the slowdown most of the time.
    I don't really know how the puddle mechanics are supposed to work. Maybe they're thought to "even out" speed levels, so they let slow drivers pass unslowed, but slow down fast drivers to an equal speed. If this should be the case - it isn't.
    Also the sand surface is extremely unresponsive to drive on in Lagoon, and the high sensitivity makes it a real pain to drive those maps.

    But aside from that I absolutely love the game so far, and already preo-ordered it for PC after having a mostly positive experience with the beta on PS4.
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    Thanks a lot guys for your detailed feedback and enjoy the beta ^_^
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    Originally Posted by k3nny-gat Go to original post
    -> distracting text-inserts:

    - name above other driver's cars can't be switched off; if there're dozens of players online they do block your view and you kinda have to steer your vehicle without really knowing where you're going
    It's not explained in the game, but you can press UP on the d-pad to toggle on/off player names.
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    First of all the beta and the game are really great ! And I'm really enjoying this new opus.
    But in the final game I would love to see a way to disable opponent's ghosts and also a way to keep the music turning instead of restarting everytime that we press restart.
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    I absolutely love how the developers added such a good amount of new features, like the "magnet" tracks that allow you to drive upside down, the helicopter drops, the music layering, ect, but the game still feels so familiar.

    I couldn't be happier.
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    My awesome impressions, so far

    Was pretty pissed that it got delayed. after the anger faded I figured it must have been a business decision in the middle of a very busy AAA holiday. hoping this gives Trackmania turbo a great window of success in march..

    I've only bought 2 games as a pre-order (because I think they're dumb), Halo Reach, and now Trackmania turbo. was too excited once I saw it in the store, didn't want to wait for it to download after purchasing. Was looking at a physical version, cause I like physical version, but no details on the physical release. I like the old school case and manual, something that has gone missing of years recent. no special edition of the game, so I bought the digital.

    hear from gamespot or something the beta is open and coming up! will be availible for download when it's availible

    Get back and check the store, maybe it's already there! IT IS!!!! downloaded and installed. try to access, get the cool beggining movie from E3, and then to the menu's. after accessing says the beta has ended...most likely cause the server's aren't live yet since they're not supposed to go live until tomorrow (default message). Will check tomorrow after work.

    IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!
    successfully logged in, picked county and state, and presented with a bunch of modes. decide to start with single player, and see how it compares to trackmania stadium on my PC via steam. play one round, played great, left it on in loop for replay and went to eat. came back, still working other than a controller off message.
    came back and burned through all the single player tracks. I love how on the 1st levels of an area you start via helicopter, what an entrance. only the white series are open, which makes sense. as for the cars, don't know thier names, so have to go by area. the 1st car in canyon works great, drifts with ease and very controllable, controls feel spot on. down and dirty valley, buggy was twitchy with just the slight touch of the steering, definitely programmed in to be that way. then the rollercoaster lagoon. one of the gnarliest tracks I've played. not only the loops but the sounds and the graphics and the feel, awesome job. BUT, that care for rollercoaster lagoon, was too touchy for me. might have been my problem is I was trying to drift a bit, and those cars don't seem to like that when hitting the brake to break it loose.
    After that made it over to the legendary stadium courses and car. LOVE THE CAR, feels very similar to the trackmania stadium formula, but feels a bit heavier. not as good on dirt from first impressions. will know more once really digging into multiplayer and putting some miles into it.

    surprised a bit by the paint job. was expecting read, white, blue, like the french car from the movie, but this one's black with yellow stars on it? will double-check it's origin, but just wasn't expecting it.

    Also, the audio button, it took me about 12 races to remember to hit it once starting. once I did, I love driving music with more arcardy feeling games, and the volume too! pretty good mix of presets.

    I did crash several times, and only once hit the wrong button to not respawn, but to reset . I'm used to trials fusions's restart system, so I'll be playing around with settings for that..

    got my buddy in a party mode and ended up playing for 3 hours straight. never crashed, and loved it when we found a game with like 80 people starting it, epic! crashed a few times outsite the map, and landed upright, and just kep driving just to see what would happen. it just kep going and going in canyon!!! that car is surpsignly good mountain climber

    just realized the speedometer is only in KPH? how very virtua racing of you . no MPH for us british impaired?? Also, checked the name of the car I don't like, called the lagoon rollercoaster car (feels like it turns in sharp, then gets loose, then pushes.....), 2nd is the valley down and dirty car. definitely not as bad as the lgaoon car, but touchy. LOVE the stadium F1, and a close 2nd the very similar canyon drift car.
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