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    2 x 980ti - 4ghz i7 - 32g DDR3 @ 3200 - 240g Kingston HyperX Predator PCIEx SSD

    Win 10
    Turned off Raptr.
    Turned off Microsoft Defender

    CPU does not dip when there is a stutter. **EDIT** pic attached ** <-- true, but it's about 80/90 on ALL 8 cores, so it's doing good async but I think this game is actually a secret plot to use our computers as government tools to unencrypt the terrorist iphone!

    I get the same amount of stutter on 1 card as 2 cards in SLI (turned SLI off)
    I get the same amount of "relative" stutter at 4K, or 1080.

    I go from 70fps to 40, 20, 70... 70... and 135fps to 120, 117, 40, 20, 135, 135
    Same stutter when going from Ultra to Low settings @ 1080

    It's driving me nuts. I'm a problem solver and I can't solve, I can't fix,'s just the EXE, man... it's -- patch pls!
    Yes I've submitted a ticket.

    CPU Graph
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    In my case (CPU: FX8350) I had two issues:

    1. CPU was constantly above 95% usage, usually 100%
    What did help? Deactivating AMD Cool n' Quiet solved that.

    2. My CPU was permanently in Turbo Mode (4200 MHz instead of 4000 MHz), frequently underclocked itself from 4200 down to 1400 MHz, thats when the stuttering started.
    Deactivating AMD Turbo Core solved this!

    Doing this, I can play now as it should be, no stuttering at all. CPU usage is about 60 - 80 %, for my GPU (R9 Nano) I use clockblocker.
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    Did the 364.72 nvidia driver update fix this for anyone? Not for me.
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    [QUOTE=Thariir_;11472134]This worked for me, up until my last hour now of game play. I actually had a few minor stutters again as my CPU went to 100%. It´s still miles better after doing the video fix than it is without it.

    I was going to mention CPU usage since no one was mentioning it in their description of things they tried. SO, saying that's not it because they are only hitting 90% but if threading isn't working correctly or load being properly diverted to the GPU with this game 90% is all it takes to get the FPS losses they're seeing. Regardless if the video you posted works or not, I believe it's surely a threading issue.
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    Hey guys

    Just chiming to tell you I've re-raised this with our development team.
    Apologies for the inconvenience you've all been having, but it's not easy to pinpoint a common cause for this it seems.
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    Fine until 1.02

    I played Closed beta, open beta and now release, its been all fine until the 1.02 patch. Unplayable for me. Good job nUbisoft, whould not expect anything less of you, atleast i had a good run.
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    The same problem after the patch 22 of play became impossible (downloading CPU and GPU 100%. Everything tried nothing and does not work, the second week has gone and solutions nekak no idea! Yubisovt silent! It is sad that so are the users who have purchased the game and experiencing tezhe problemmy .....
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    I have only the perma Stutter at Movement. FPS are ok but the Major Problem is that the Game hangs completely for 1-2 Seconds, especially after the Game starts to load the World or at the begin of Fire Fights. First of all i think thats the SSD but other Games don´t have this loading Issue and my System is strong enough. So is my Problem the Major Problem where the People talking about?

    My Rig:

    GTX970 (364.72)
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    Here is a video that showing the stutter, Lags, framedrops...

    You see, i get constantly 60-70 FPS but if I play more than 15 min ill get the stutter and lags...

    Thats my settings:

    My System: 780 GT SLI (OC to 1152 Mhz, Stable) | i7 4820K (OC to 4,5 Ghz) | ASUS Rampage IV | 16GB G.Skill RAM

    Please ubisoft, fix this! Or give us a sign that u heard about that stutter problem!
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