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MIKE Error on Launch
Xbox One:

Connectivity Issues
Xbox One:

IPv6 Connectivity Issues

Exclusive Content and Events Rewards, how to redeem and where to find them

Season Pass, what does it contain

How to report cheaters

Reporting bad player behavior

What are the Known Issues?

Xbox: LIMA Error on Launch

PC System Requirements

How do I redeem my Nvidia promotional code?

PC: Blackscreen when launching the game

Where's my Hazmat set?
Please check your Appearance tab after claiming everything from the Claim Rewards Vendor for a set called CBRN. This is the Hazmat set.
We are aware that the actual naming of CBRN versus the promotional name of Hazmat can be confusing.
Also please be aware that the 'jacket' is not actually a jacket but a shirt, so please check into the Shirt tab instead of the Jacket tab.