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    Can i get some support as you ain't replying to emails?

    Bought Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic back in the day and thought i would have a fresh play on it..

    Bought on steam,(got receipt) copy key to clipboard,paste in Uplay and get this screen


    I have sent 2 emails to support through your system 1-3-2016 and 6-3-2016 and still yet to receive a replay....what gives?

    Ubisoft Support Ticket: 02960442

    Ubisoft Support Ticket: 02979171
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    I assume you're using the same account you purchased Silent Hunter 5. If not, this is the correct error page if you are trying to register the game under a different account.

    I had the same issue, where I was using a newer Uplay account to install the game. This will not work. You have to use the original email account associated with the game, regardless if you have the CD Key.

    Once you contact them, you can transfer the registration from the old account to your new account and it takes about 24 to 72 hours until that is complete.
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    Well I would love to know if even my ticket sent in the 1St March has been received... Let alone resolve this issue...

    Are they allways like this?
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    I received a reply using the ticket system, and had my issue resolved.
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    and still i wait...i love this company......
    this is not what i thought it would be like...
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    Yeah, I got my SH5 off of steam a couple years back and suddenly started getting this message after 4 hours of working fine.
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