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    [DIIN] Divine Intervention Recruiting

    Recruitment status: ACTIVE



    About our community:
    This international Community has come to life through a vision. It is hard coded to represent the potency of true dedication and competence. These are the qualities that make anything stand true. We seek members that strive to live by those principals. We pride ourselves for providing a home that nurtures and empowers members with unique gifts. We seek mature individuals whom are laid back, fun loving, "full of life", understand our principals and abide by team orientation. We have set high goals and with your collaboration, we intend to accomplish them.

    • 18+ years of age
    • Use of our dedicated TS server during battles
    • Friendly and kind attitude towards all existing members and non members

    We offer:
    • Comprehensive support of our heavyweight community sponsor and supporter/supplier
    • Friendly atmosphere with serious but concurrently humorous tones of "self expression"
    • A dedicated TS communication network
    • Community Twitch channel that members are eligible to use for streaming if desired. Click HERE
    • A YouTube channel that members are showcased through. Click HERE
    • An ESL team for those competition hungry members whom want to enjoy Electronic Sports

    In order to recruit, simply fill in this form and apply. Once your form is submitted, our recruiters and officers will get in touch with you in order to expedite and complete your induction.

    Diplomacy or inquiries:
    Our experience via past clans is vast and "colorful". Expect to have a blast with members from different continents with full support of our sponsors. If you wish to contact our community admin team, simply click HERE and submit a support ticket or simply get in touch with me via this forum directly.

    In-game contacts: Aldramelech

    many thanks in advance

    Divine Intervention

    Website---Recruitment Thread---YouTube Channel---Twitch Channel---ESL Team---Steam Group
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    All are welcome.
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    Join the family and enjoy the benefits
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    Dont be left out. Join today and enjoy the game with fellow team mates.
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    ***** up and register
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    join us
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    we are looking for new recruits join the fun.
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    Hi I joined hnr but they have no one low level. Are ur all max level? Do ur always use teamspeak when playing yeah?
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    Xplo..'s Avatar Junior Member
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    Mar 2016

    Application Submitted

    Application Submitted
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    Originally Posted by Xploxx Go to original post
    Application Submitted
    thanks for that. You have a reply on our website
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