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    Denuvo with new DLC Tundra

    So what we will can change in game.. hmm..
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    Please - what Denuvo did was prevent DLC unlockage for free. However, have you noticed that the Season Pass has been super-cheap since? The post-Denuvo Season Pass has been sub-$40USD until - literally - the end of May 2017 - since November of 2016; a six-month sale on ALL the post-Denuvo DLC. It's not like ANNO 2070 - which had ONE piece of DLC - it's also not like the ton of DLC was expensive, either. And it's not like performance of the game went down - it didn't. If anything, the game performs better - graphically and any OTHER way - after the application of the Season Pass than before it. It is also my VGC game of choice on LiquidSky - for two rather poignant reasons - it is graphically gorgeous (the SkyComputer supports DX11 or better) and it's not piggy; the game is smaller than either of the last two versions of Civilization or SimCity 2013 - the three city-builders that come closest to it graphically - let alone Cities: Skylines - which it slaps around with a tuna. (A trout isn't big enough.) Further, A2205 can be played in crisp and quick thirty-minute stretches at the GAMER performance level - around ten SkyCredits each; typically you can earn that much at a time; and unless your home computer is a beast, it won't perform that well. I purchased the Season Pass with my home PC in mind - I hadn't even HEARD of LiquidSky at the time - therefore, the bennies of playing on LS are literally icing.

    Denuvo and trainers - No effect at all. (In other words, trainers still work - this is something I have tested personally.)
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