1. i wont say like everyone else "smart one" its a sure fix and you are the dumb if you dont do... (like some ppl here on forum keep barking about bitdefender and preted you are the moron to not listen to them...)

I DIDNT had any antivirus or bitdefender or any of the mentioned programs, what they mentioned, and how configure/disable them to make game WORK....

So i started to thinking, and i got a solution for MYSELF, maybe you try too, who knows, i NOT guarantee anything, but WORTH a try!

Turn off /restert the PC and at start press F8 and start Windows in SAFE mode with NETWORK (important to have NET obiously)

After Uplay, Far cry a bit waiting and its will say (normaly by no sound no video drivers ETC) program stopped working.... Restart PC BUT run NORMALLY like any day

Do again uplay far cray and FOR me WORKED (seemed SAFE mode + NET was enough for the online auth, but ofc cant run the program, BUt after this ui normal you can RUN normally)

So its never was BITDEFENDER ONLY related problem like many wanna think and say... idk what was (clearly some other program whatever you have or even other security programs every ppl using DIFERENT things) so maybe this works in GENERAL, whatever your program is, by the SAFE mode function!

It is just another option, what i figured out, after cant find any REAL support or refund (i still prefer my refund but that other thing... clearly its UBIs error not yours who using firewalls or any security on their PC....)

Take care all and have a nice day!