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    HELP with Path of the Shell Please?

    I'm at the stage of Path of the Shell on the offline game, where I am in a moving chair that is supposed to take me to the end where I turn around and continue my journey to another area. As my chair goes under the waterfall, I am thrown out and returned to Relto...continuously. What can I do? I remember this happening a long time ago when I first played UrU. I do not remember what I had to do in order to fix it.
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    If you are stuck in the chair and thrown out, you can try 2 things:
    1- make shure you have activated the mark on the wall, shut down the game and restart your computer.
    2- When you need to pull the handle, make shure you don't use your mouse until the chair stops.
    You need to click the right handle 3 times total , make shure you keep your mouse at that point and dont wobble across the screen.

    I just played this game again after 12 years and i stumbled upon the same issue.
    To be shure, i did both and it worked.

    I hope this helps.

    Happy gaming
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    I'm sorry I didn't see these replies last year. I was in so many forums that I forgot which one I was in. This week I began my Myst Uru CC once again, and once again I am having the exact same issue. I'll try what you suggested above Exathor1. I hope you are still on here and see this :-) And Heimdall_G, I have been following all the walk thrus for years...so yep did that too :-)
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