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    Same here ..... and i know loads of people who would love a MMXI too.

    In times of kickstarters like wasteland 2+3 and bard´s tale 4 it should be possible to reactivate this epic Might&Magic series !

    I would back it and ten thousands would back this project too ...

    Make us oldschool CRPG lovers happy !

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    Please Ubi

    I want MMXI too! I just played the X again, for the 5th time at least, and the expansion.. and in my opinion it was the best MM to date, even though I have fond memories of MMI to III and of MM6 and 7.

    Make an even more tactical fight system too if possible . With even more different team builds possible. I don't care if it gets further away from the old MMs (honestly MM6-7-8 fights were way poorer than MMX, pause, shoot arrows, unpause, move away..), as long as we keep its universe, the relics, the grid based maps, etc...
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    I can´t say that MMX is better than MM7, but it has some nice touches. I am more for free roaming (no grid) game, but I liked tactical fights from MMX so I think the MMXI should have fighting looking like in Wizardry 8. There also should be ragdoll type of invertory (MM6-8) and setting different from Ashan (I am really fed up of that world).
    But PLEASE:
    give next game to COMPETENT developers like Obsidian, Larian, InXile, CDPRed or Almost Human studios
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