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    Hit detectors

    Just sort the hit boxes out please, I'm sick of being killed in one shot with full health by a pistol, watch the replay and they've barely aimed near me.
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    When are you going to implement Dedicated servers 100+ Tick; For ranked atleast, this issue needs to be addressed as well as hit box registration being inconsistent. This is not CoD4. You guys need to start taking your game seriously. . .
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    Fix the game!!!

    Make the sights sharper, make the windows less bright and dark looking out or in and when you start reloading and you throw your clip & start running, make your character pick up where they left off by jamming another clip in there when they start walking instead of magically pulling another clip out and throwing it. The red dot in the sight is huge and doesn't reflect real sights... Just make them WAAAY SHARPER AND CLEANER!
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    lastest update i believe is 1.3 causing freezing of game

    hello ubisoft
    lastest update 1.2 or 1.3 causing freezing of game
    had this same problem when game first came out, but was fixed with patch 1.1 or 1.2

    with patch 1.3 freezing problem is back!
    when frozen, must ctrl+alt+del end task

    amd fx4100
    msi gtx970 4gb
    win 10
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    when will console players get the option to choose the datacenter? in Feb Update?
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    Terrorist hunt classic weapons

    Please make IT so that on classic terrorist hunt we can change out all weapons for any of the operators defense/attack.
    All Primary and secondary weapons should be able to be used by anyone, im not talking about special abilitys.
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    Please let use change customize weapons load-outs on-the-fly while in game lobby and not exit back to the main menu
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    Reconnecting to game

    Hello ubisoft,

    Bit disappointed that you made a game what is buggy and very bad coded.
    You guys implemented the reconnect option for ranked matches what is nice.
    But now I try to reconnect and it just puts me in the lobby with my teammates but it's not reconnecting me no it's says "Searching for opponent"
    And after 2 minuts I am just looking a at a screen with 5 names and the ranked match has already ended.
    Please have a look to this system cause it's not working the way it should.

    A bit disappointed about rainbow six.
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    Leaving my thread with bugs here

    Please fix stucking on Loading screens with lobby leaders or Russian Version from Steam > Don't know where the problem lays but please fix it guys. It's a blocker currently...
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    Why isn't the still terrible hit detection being addressed! How do you expect people to take this game seriously when half the kills are decided by the game and not who had the better aim? You said hit dectection was improved with patch 1.3, but as far has i have seen no improvements where made. The game is still registering shots as hits that are a good 4-8 inches off target, and the vice versa happens has well. Sights will be dead center on a targets head and the game will register a miss. Please explain to me why this happens. I don't want to see a reply saying "we are looking into this issue." Give people the exact problem that is causing this issue. Because of developers like Bungie whenever I hear we are looking into it, i really hear "yeah we'll get to it when we get to it, now just shut the hell up." I have tons of evidence proving this, and will be more than happy to attach videos of this still occurring issue. I have been both the victim and the culprit of BS kills do to terrible hit detection. Also while we are on the subject of hit detection, why don't all of the operators have the same hit box size for their heads? Just because the GSG9 operators where ear protection, doesn't mean they should have a larger hit box.

    Honestly I am nearly to the point where the terrible hit detection and net coding are making me stronger consider selling Siege. Just remember this most consumers speak with their feet and will not leave reply such as this. Most just say screw it and never return. Now i right this not because i hate the game and think it is garbage, but rather that i enjoy it, and see that it can have near flawless multiplayer if the hit detection wasn't so bad. The fact that server issues and hit detection has been addressed three times and still aren't any better has me petrified of what is to come with the Division. I already brought up Bungie, and what they did to Destiny has put nearly every developer walking on thin ice. And you guys at Ubisoft don't have that good of a track record as of late. Get your **** together and actually fix this game breaking issue ASAP. Stop saying issues have been resolved when they where not. I will give you guys credit that you fixed the defender glitch in a swiftly fashion, but this game should have never been released will the net coding and hit detection it has.
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