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    Tiger: A male defender from India with razor sharp hearing. (3 Speed / 1 Armor)
    He has a heightened hearing ability so that he can detect which direction an enemy is coming from and can figure out the approximate distance of an enemy.
    Yes everyone has this ability but his is louder, clearer, and more advanced with an indicator on the screen pointing where the sound is coming from and covers a longer distance.
    Ambient noises and background noises are quieted when his ability is activated.
    In order to use his ability he has to remain still.
    Preferably used with some type of one hit kill shotgun so that he can listen for the sound and then quickly run in for the kill.
    Inspired by the Bengal Tiger.

    Watchman:A male defender from South Africa that can peek at the enemy without exposing himself. (2 Speed / 2 Armor)
    Can place small (not that small but also not big and obvious.) circular windows on soft walls and barricades in which you/the whole team can peek at the enemies. Similar to Mira’s windows but cannot be popped out and is also bulletproof from both sides. Can only be taken out by explosives.
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    BRITH DATE:4-27-1990

    SPECIAL ABBLITY: Carries a X26 Taser and can fire it to incapacitate enemy combatants and it is rechargeble.

    PRIMARY WEAPONS: Heckler & Koch HK416(Assualt Rifle, 5.56X45MM NATO),Heckler & Koch MP7(Personal Defense Weapon,HK 4.6X30MM), Remington 870(12 gauge pump action shotgun)

    SECONDARY WEAPON: SIG SAUER P226(Semi-automatic pistol,9X19MM Parabellum), Walther P99 ( Semi-automatic pistol,9X19MM Parabellum).






    BRITH DATE:5-26-1990

    SPECIAL ABBLITY: Carries and shoots a handheld canister of PAVA Spray in a liquid stream, similar to pepper spray to incapacitate enemy combatants for 15 to 35 minutes,maximum effective range of 4 meters or 13 feet.

    PRIMARY WEAPONS: Heckler & Koch MP5(Submachine gun,9X19MM Parabellum), Heckler & Koch HK33(Assualt Rifle,5.56X45MM NATO),Benelli M3 ( Semi-automatic 12 gauge Shotgun).

    SECONDARY WEAPONS:Walther P99 ( Semi-automatic pistol,9X19MM Parabellum), SIG SAUER P226(Semi-automatic pistol,9X19MM Parabellum).

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    An Idea I've Had

    I've been talking my friends' ears off for weeks saying Ubisoft should make a new operator that can block drone holes and the undersides of doors so that some routes into objectives can't be used. It would definitely help prevent the beginning of prep phase detections courtesy of perfect drone spawn.
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    My ideas are more about the equipment but I would love to see a new agent using the CornerShot gun, I think this gun has its place in a game like R6S.
    I also think it would be nice to have an agent with a gadget simulating footsteps and reloading noises to create distractions.

    And it would be great to have a map completely immersed in darkness and all agents would be able to choose between night vision goggles or a flashlight. Of courses drones and cameras would have night vision too.
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    The predator thing is a great idea, though i think that they would work better as a defender
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    Name - Specs

    Armor - 3

    Speed - 1

    Team - Defender

    Ability - Has thermal goggles that can see enemies through non reinforced walls from 7 metres away, can be seen by IQ, can be temporarily stopped by thatcher, can only make out thermal shapes, not the exact operator. A constant use item like Jackals Ability, if ability is used there is limited visibility.

    Looks - but way more militarised and bulky

    Primary - IWI Negev or Howa Type 89

    Secondary - Glock 18 or Heckler and Koch VP70M
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    I find new video about Czech URNA, look at it ubi
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    I was thinking for a long time about an attacker. Maybe it could be the rework of Glaz.
    What do you think about an agent that only have a bolt action sniper as a primary, that can down in one hit one armor defender at 50m or less (since it is a slow shooting weapon with the bolt action) and with something like 5+1 bullets in the magazine. (FR-F2, AWM, Intervention, Desert Tech SRS…)

    His special ability would be to have 6 jacketed bullets that he has to put one by one into the chamber of his sniper, replacing the current bullet.
    Those bullets could pierce reinforced wall (like normal gun with soft wall) with 3 shot, that way he can create two holes in reinforced wall. Also shooting trough a soft wall with those bullets will negate the damage drop that occur when you hit somebody through a wall, allowing him to deal full damage with his sniper through a soft wall.

    The secondary weapon could be a special pistol with a large mag like Beretta 93-R with semi and 3rounds burst, allowing him to deal with multiple enemy. And maybe a regular semi-automatic pistol for instance a FN49 or a classic M9.

    His gadget could be claymore (to suit his gameplay) and flashbang? (to allow him some push in the end of the round).

    I think his gameplay will be better if he’s a 1armor 3speed or a 2armor 2speed.
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    Originally Posted by PringleYT Go to original post
    So me and my friend were discussing new operator ideas, and straight away I thought a cool name would be hijack. I thought, "what would someone called hijack do?" and I came up with the idea of "Hijack" is a Swedish attacker who can tap into enemy eyes such as default cams, Valkyrie's black eyes and even Echo's drone to gain intel. If you tap into the cameras, any defender using the camera will get an alert saying that hijack is using that camera. Once defenders know this, they can choose to leave him to gain the intel or take out their own cameras, meaning that the defenders will be blind. If you're near a mute signal disruptor you can't tap into the cameras.

    There will be many versatile ways to bait and confuse the defenders, and this will not be an overpowered operator but a very fun, interesting and an overall useful operator. His primary would be an Ak 5 or a HK21 with availability to a reflex sight, red dot sight and holo sight. Both of these primaries are actually used by the Swedish military, and for a secondary he would have the pistol 88, which is semi automatic pistol. For his tertiary equipment he can either use flash bangs or grenades and he is a 2 speed 2 armor operator. Either way, it is a win win situation for hijack, and I hope you take this idea into consideration!
    Isnt this basically dokkaebis 2nd ability where she accesses the camera through a hacked phone from a dead body?
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    Originally Posted by CEASE. Go to original post
    3 speed, 1 armor

    Operates similar to Lesion, in that he puts down traps injecting unpleasant goo into the attacking operators. The key difference being they do not deal damage, slow the attacker, nor do they require being pulled out. They induce psychosis over time, with increasing severity after multiple doses. The attacker is temporarily innoculated to injections for 10 seconds after triggering one to prevent trap stacking and immediately inflicting all stages.

    1 dose - Phantom gun shots can be heard in adjacent rooms, occurs at random

    2 doses - Nearby window barricades, door barricades, and walls may be broken as though taken down by a rushing defenders, or a wall blown out as though hit by an impact grenade. They return to normal after three seconds. Occurs at random, frequency of the first dose effect increases.

    3 doses - Apparitions of defenders appear to jump from the 'broken' barricades and walls and may shoot at the affected player, dealing no damage, but applying the bloody screen effect. These apparitions appear as one of the five defenders in the game, so as to not have a tachanka coming at you if you know there is no tachanka on the defender side. Frequency of the second dose effect increases

    4 doses - Allied outlines no longer appear. (perhaps not as fancy as the previous effects, but without your team telling you where they are in relation to you, it becomes much easier to accidentally snap fire your own team down. Obviously, due to the anti-grief mechanic in the game, kills from this after 4 doses would be awarded to the defender to prevent the attacker from being kicked due to friendly fire.)

    5 doses - Allies appear as enemies. (At this point, the effected attacker is not only useless to their team if not given excellent communication, they are incredibly dangerous to their own team, in addition all of their call outs are now second guessed, as what they see as an enemy may be an ally.)

    All of these effects are countered by every attacker in the game, though not by any in game effect. It relies on you and your team effectively communicating with each other to the insane player(s) that there is no real threat. It is both overpowered and underpowered, depending on who is affected. If the person on your team giving the callouts is affected, all of your info is now useless. However, if the person affected isn't calling out, all he has to do to remain effective is listen to the info his team is feeding him and ignore the effects. This means that in order to effectively counter this defender, each attacker must be effectively communicating with each other.
    What this also means is that it gives a psuedo-advantage to the attackers. Each of them are given an incredible incentive to communicate extremely well. Communication being of the utmost importance, your team will have to communicate just as well.
    Sounds hella interesting
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