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    Cross Platform Track Sharing Is Here!

    Hey, riders, if you had one thing that you wanted implemented into Trials Fusion that we have not yet added, what would it be?

    One thing, just one thing to round out the Trials experience?

    Maybe something to help the amazingly talented builders to immediately get their tracks out to a bigger audience? Maybe...




    Did we just blow your mind? Good. I’ll give you a second to collect yourself.

    That’s right riders. We’re going cross platform with Track Central, immediately for all new tracks and in the long run, retroactively for every custom track created since launch. Track builders will be able to share all their newest creations automatically across all available platforms. If the builder has a second account, connected by Uplay across multiple platforms, the track will show as created by them on any platforms they have Uplay access. If the track builder does not have Uplay access on multiple platforms, the creator name will show as FusionShared.

    Now, the retroactive track list is going to take a bit longer, but will start immediately. Retroactive tracks will begin uploading in small batches to keep from overloading the server. It will start with the oldest tracks first and continue until it reaches the first track shared cross-platform. Be patient, retroactively sharing every custom since launch is going to take some time.

    Finally before we continue we'll just make a quick note that track performance might not be equal on all platforms. As the building community adjusts to their new audience you may notice more frame drops or other performance issues than usual on Track Central.

    But wait, cross-platform sharing isn't the only new feature hitting Track Central today. There’s more!!!

    In addition to cross platform Track Central, we’re happy to introduce you to the brand new Community Recommended feed. We’re going to be putting the power in the community’s hands to recommend a slice of hot awesome from the track central catalog into a neat little package.

    The real spark with the community recommended feed is going to come from our ability to enlist the community in a multitude of ways. We’ll be bringing back the Community Spotlight and giving those players control of the feed for a week. We’ll be reaching out to some community leaders and active community members. We’ll be polling the masses on the forums for nominations. We’ll be going door to door… Whoops no. Not that one.

    But you get the idea here.

    Between community tournaments, the community feed and the cross platform Track Central, the Trials Team is giving more power than ever before to you, the players, the riders, the builders.

    See you on the leaderboards.
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    Awwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boy !
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    Thank you. all i can say.

    i bet lots of PC players are going to be as happy about this as i am <3
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    I am impressed. GG
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    This is awesome, cheers to everyone behind the scenes who's made it happen. The OTHG is a major part of my Trials experience and after choosing a different console to the majority of them I've lost that included feeling I'd enjoyed for so long. Hopefully this can bring it back a bit, thanks again

    Would love to know if the lb's could ever be done in a similar way so we can compete across platforms using Uplay ID's too?
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    Finally !!! YES !!

    I finally can organise and created tournament and other stuff with Xbox AND playstation player at the same time in the future.

    So, big thanks you !!! And good job !!

    Administrator of
    The French Community Basement
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    great Scot! i just read this on the main page , absolutely fantastic news for all riders and builders , a feature that aids every single player in the game. Timing is just right as well , i am over the moon about this. I love building in this game and have been getting very afraid of the low rates of downloads which infact does tend to impact on the building its self and effort. As much as the community is the same game , having different platforms for me gave a feeling of separation a divide amongst the community. Now we is all just one massive family with tracks too ride and tracks too build , also more competition on the building side which can only encourage great building to grow. Massive , massive feature just added to a 2 year old game. Its a shame the feature feed as gone as it was one aspect i was looking forward to maybe ticking of my goal box but whats been put in place is better for the game as a whole and im happy to have more downloads and appeal to a wider player based track central.

    One happy family , all there is to do is put our gum shields in and see whos the daddy ha ha ha joking of course.

    great stuff guys , credit to your hard work , dam this is awesome stuff i only paid a mere few quid for the game and 2 years later its still giving me awesome stuff , happy customer here.

    Dont foret to make your creator stamp to add in your track guys lol
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