Okay i have a really weird problem.

I can join servers and play all day and all night.


When i make a server, (Internet OR LAN makes no difference) it starts up fine, people join and we start playing and all seems cool.


From out of no-where I either get kicked to desktop with Ravenshield closed down or Everyone else in the server gets a connection failed message and they all just dissapear and i am left on the level myself! But i get no error message!

Any suggestions? Its gettin pretty annoying. My first thought was maybe something to do with PB. I have it ON in the options menu but OFF in the server options would this cause a conflict?

Athlon 2600+ 333FSB
1024MB DRAM (PC2700)
Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb
Full retail UK version of RVS
Patched to 1.52
Punkbuster installed
Jetway KT400 Motherboard

This is the ONLY problem i have and it must be just something stupid i've overlooked.....

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