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    Patch planed?

    Can anyone from Ubi please confirm that a patch is in the works for this game?

    My son and I would love to play 2 player co op split screen, however player 2 ALWAYS starts as Kaiser Wilhelm level 1 and is unable to switch characters.
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    Dude, I can't even tell you how disgusted I am with Ubisoft for the way they marooned this game. They released a patch that fixed some issues shortly after release, but it destroyed local multiplayer. So I emailed back and forth with them a little bit right after I first got the patch, they didn't understand what I was saying. Then we finally clarified it, and they informed me that another patch was in the works.

    That was probably three months ago.

    Not only has not one patch been implemented since that issue started, but now not even the weekly war is being updated anymore. This was going to be one of the biggest arcade games of the year, and within a month of its release, it was dead and buried. Shame on Ubisoft for dropping the ball so hard on a game that had so much potential.
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    Come on Ubisoft, get the patch out and fix the split screen co-op.
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