Pretty much i got the hall of fame edition for the xbox one the day it came out and i have been playing ever since but only problem is well everything, first of the lack of updates such as the multiplayer is so broken because there is so many OP armys such as starbright with the flamethrower weapon just destroys everything, GI joes rocket launcher can 1 shot any other enemy action figure, so many of the armys need balanced A LOT, the DLC armys need more weapons and customisation options. Other stuff that breaks the multiplayer is anti tank turrets, if you manually control an anti tank turret you can snipe down enemy turrets which just breakes the game and is so annoying. Your hereos barrage and vehicles are Impossible to get on story mode and multiplayer. More games modes for the multiplayer would be good and new maps, maybe some sort of map maker mode, aswell some of the armys artillery is really under powered even when maxed on damage upgrades such as the maggot, artileray, phantoms. That is most stuff i can think of for now