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    Point scoring trick

    I play IL-2 1946 version 4.12 HSFX 7.0.2

    I have built a mission where we have to rescue a General who has crashed in France. We fly to a small field in France where the General is hiding in a graveyard. We have to land, re-spawn in a jeep, drive into the village and find the General. once we have found him we re-spawn into our plane and fly back to England.

    The mission works well and our squad members really enjoy it. However it has been pointed out that the person who rescues the General has no way of scoring any points to "prove" that he actually found the General.

    So what trick can I employ to enable the jeep driver to earn say 100 points as soon as he finds the general.

    I've tried having a second plane parked nearby so that the jeep driver can re-spawn into that and shoot some targets but then he'd have to re-spawn into a second jeep positioned in the graveyard (Lord knows how I'd make that work).

    I've also tried placing a target icon on the road but the jeep explodes when it hits it.

    Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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    Not sure, but if they would make the jeep with a gun you could shoot a static target. Might hit the HSFX guys for a mod on that idea.
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    Recon Target maybe?

    I tried it on a DF map, but the Jeep somehow did not trigger it... it did not explode either

    Thinking of that, is there Trigger that could be used to assign some points somehow?
    (Working with 7.03 by the way, in the mean time...)
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    I tried it with a Jeep and the Recon target and had the same results.
    Only thing I can conclude is since the Jeep never leaves the ground it can't land or fly through the target area.

    When I used one of the points objects in HSFX 7.03 the Jeep did explode when it hit the Target though.

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    This one still bugs the heck out of me. There should be some way to make this work...

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