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    Booped's tracks from the dark side

    Trials Fusion Wet Night True X by VEGASTRASH01

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    Nice video booped. I ran this yesterday and love the atmosphere in this track by Vegas. I think I beat your time by a little but saw that you took it back when I logged onto the PS4 today.

    I'd be interested in posting some videos but haven't really tried recording anything on the PS4. Do you have a special setup or is this something that's fairly easy to do with the PS4 operating system? I've done a little video capture on the Xbox One but always end up spending more time than I'd like.
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    @vidar I just use PS4,.

    Double click share button to start recording then click it once to finish.
    I then upload to YouTube from PS4 directly.
    Use trim or save video and use ShareFactory it you want to do other editing.

    All pretty simple.
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    Koobas Surma [VP] by VPeliteFTW

    Inception by maturin_sa91
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    Abandon by Noibzz
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    Lone Wolf by KALzzone8

    There is also a cracking track by ObsceneFreak aka Steelhorse I will post it if I ever nail the line.
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