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    DUNIA graphics engine

    Heya. First of all, i'd like to say that Far Cry is absolutely my favorite game franchise and i'm very excited about that new approach that is Far Cry Primal.

    So, i think that that the game is probably being developed using the DUNIA graphics engine, but id like to know if it is DUNIA II (the same used on FC4) or a newer version of it. Bottom of line, if i can run FC4 well on my PC, does that mean i'll have no problem to run the next title or maybe ill have to upgrade my pc? BTW my specs are: amd fx 6300 (@3.5 ghz - stock clock speed), GTX 760 2GB, 8GB RAM - I use W10 and run games @ 1080p.
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    engine specs as well as minimum / full specs for the title will come later id imagine

    since by the time the game does ship Direct X 12 will be final ..and the game at this point is STILL ... a work in progress ..much like windows 10 and direct X 12

    for all we know it may be the first DX 12 game ubisoft will ship
    and there are several older Nvidia GPU's that still do not have full direct X 12 support
    like the 400 and 500 GPUS that pre date the maxwell chips ..and who knows about AMD's future cards / drivers at this point as they keep just re releasing a new GPU built on older tech
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    Yeah, maybe this game will support dx12 but surely will work on dx 11 as well. FC3 supported both dx9 and dx11 exactly because dx11 was still "something new" at the time.
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    Hi everyone.

    Far Cry Primal runs on Dunia engine, historically used in Far Cry games. As for recommended specifications for the game, we've not yet announced anything. Make sure to keep checking back for more news soon.

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