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    What is happening with "The Settlers Kingdoms of Anteria"

    As the title says, is this game still in developement ?

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    I do not know.

    Seems like a long time with no news. Wouldn't surprise me if it has been scrapped.
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    Yeah, I am thinking the same thing, hope not though, I love the settlers series .
    I am hoping they decided to scrap a major component and decided to start again.

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    UBI doesn't seem to care about the Settlers fanbase waiting in anticipation to inform them about the status.
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    Still waiting for a reply from someone from UbiSoft on this one.

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    How disappointing
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    Get used to it
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    Kindoms of Anteria no longer exists is communicated HERE on 21 APRL 2016 . I have the feeling they convert the remaining parts to a Hero based RPG.

    The following quote on the same page seems to indicate they are not ruling out a new classic Settlers game but can also refer to most of the old games still actively being played.
    For those who are wondering about the classic The Settlers series, rest assured that The Settlers is alive and kicking!
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    sad, it come to it's end

    But still hoping that it just temporary for improvements. It's just make me feel sad to think something is not working out now
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