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    A huge thanks for the write up. I can see already I've made a few of mistakes in the few tracks I've built so far. I'm new to trials and building so I've made only a handful of tracks. When you say test in multiplayer how does that work. I'm on Xbox and I'm not sure how to have a track tested before it gets uploaded to track central. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here.
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    Super nice Write up Nova, nice to have all essential links in one place. I've been playing Redlynx games on and off since Trials SE I think or even before that. But I haven't until now really tried to build something "real" int the editor. But I wan't' to know is there other write up's somewhere like a searchable document on all the features of the editor. I think for a beginner the videos can go a little fast. I for one have still not figured out how to use all the advanced filters for instance. I don't get how to use them yet. I figured out just yesterday how to use the delay filter.
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