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    I can not play due to isue connection but good internet i can not catch egg adventure 3 my phone is Huawei nova 2 plus

    I hope to fix because I really love that game

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    Cannot connect to server

    I'm unable to click on an egg without getting a server error. I also cannot access the Slots that I've created. Both events generate a server/connection error.

    I'm on an AppleTV 4k. My version shows v3.8.1. This has been happening for the past 3 days.

    Let me know if I need to supply my Game Center ID or any other information.


    Patrick Doyle
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  3. #353
    Hi It says I can't connect to server after the purple egg in Adventure 3. I have an iPad please may you help me?
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    I can't play due to issue connection but internet is good, I can't catch egg adventure 3
    my phone is Huawei honor 8X
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    I can't connect after adventure 3

    Unable to connect the server after adventure 3 my phone is huawei nova 3 @
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    Rayman adventure

    I can not play because of the connection, but my Internet is normal. I can not take an egg adventure. 3 My phone is honor 7a
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    Não conectar depois da aventura 3 meu aparelho Samsung j1 2016

    meu aparelho Samsung j1 2016 por favor arumen por favor o jogo e muito bom
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