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    One supposes if one can have any custom title, having 'Canterlot Cellist' would be much more fitting then the old forums title of 'squire' or the current 'junior member'.

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    Can I please get "High Rolling Highroller"?
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    XaeroTheHero's Avatar Magnus Opus
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    Aug 2015
    I recieved "MAGNUS OPUS". Who is Magnus? It's MAGNUM OPUS
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    ...at least you actually got the requested title, typo or no.

    Not that it matter much I imagine, what; with all 10 or so of us using the forums. Sad that miss-posts seem to be making up a considerable percentage of the Mighty Quest forum activity now.
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    Can I please get "Junior Member"
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    I request "UbiSoft Forgotten" for my title.
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