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    Error linking multiplayer games Assassin's Creed

    I am currently playing the multiplayer assassins creed 4, but I have understood that by playing the previous games multiplayer Assassin's Creed get rewards legacy , as the images of patron, titles and harlequin costumes , the renegade and independent for some characters .
    The problem is that my accounts have not linked multiplayer with ac4 , I played on the same console PS3 and myself Uplay account also link the acinitiates but neither has given me the costume for the hunter or the title started .

    What is strange to me is that if I have costumes of Altair , Ezio and Connor the problem is in multiplayer.
    I played all the previous Multiplayer assassins creed brotherhood I stayed at level 15 in a star revelation of prestige and believe assasssins 3 also with a prestigious star on the same console PS3 and myself uplay user

    I hope you can help me solve this problem.
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    fix this ubisoft plez

    got the same problem. played brotherhood's, revelations's, ac3's and ac4's multiplayer modes on ps3 on the same uplay account, on the same psn account as well, and i never unlocked those things in ac4. i got everything else in revelations and ac3, but nothing in ac4. i really want that harlequin outfit :(
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    wow this was happening in back in may!? not only has it not been addressed...it hasn't even been answered? Lol.
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