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    So I'm having connection issues again. I've been playing fine for about a month, and then two days ago I tried playing, and was unable to connect to the game (was getting kicked out at the start screen). The next day, I was able to get into the game and play solo matches, but ever since then, every time I've tried to play an online match (either coop skirmish 2v2 or pvp custom 1v1) I get kicked back to the start screen and get the message "Connection to the game server has been lost".

    I already worked through all the steps in the faq (cleared game cache and tested network, and I'm my NAT is open), and these have not fixed the problem. I've tried following the various links to complete a help ticket, but I keep getting rerouted back to the faq.

    Are the servers currently down? If they are, why isn't that reflected on the site (if this is, where)? It would be nice if there was more forthcoming information about server status so I don't have to grind through all this troubleshooting on my end when you are aware of the problem and could save me some time and heartache.
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    It may have been effected by this service:

    but I am unsure. This is a good page to check to find out about upcoming and ongoing maintenances:

    As far as creating a Ticket, that's weird that it keeps routing you back to the FAQ. There are phone centers you can try but they are generally closed weekends, depending on your region. Just in case though, you can find the phone lists here:
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    That looks kind of like it. My problem connecting though started around 8 eastern (about 4 hours before that was scheduled to begin). That maintenance has been reported complete though, so I don't fully understand why I'm still having problems connecting to the game servers though. Did someone forget to reboot the computer I need to connect to?

    BTW, should've mentioned this in the previous post, I am able to connect to the player market, but haven't tried to purchase anything, so at least that's working.

    I would like to hear something back from someone in the know. I currently have XP and Gold VIP Boost cubes active, so they're kinda going to waste right now. I was hoping to get to level 30 this weekend, and playing solo I'm getting 100 xp less per match, and I won't be able to unlock the King of the Hill achievement if I can't join an online game.
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