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    DLC: steam purchase for Windows doesn't work


    I boughted a <Rocksmith 2014 Nickelback 3 Song Pack DLC> as a gift. This pack is display in the Rocksmith 2014 Windows application as possible DLC. There is a note that the DLC is for the previous version of Rocksmith but is usable for Rocksmith 2014.

    Actually the DLC / gift is not to be activated. The steam application says "you need Rocksmith" as soon as my friend tries to activate the gift. But he has Rocksmith 2014.

    Could you please explain why such an purchase is a) actually PROMOTED inside the Rocksmith application and b) how could you sell something which is not actually usable?

    Kind regards,
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    It's a Steam problem. Steam requires you to own the original Rocksmith in order to play some (but not all) original DLC, which it shouldn't. If you try to purchase one of the affected tracks for yourself Steam will refuse the purchase. The fact that it will sell them as gifts and then refuse to activate is incredibly sloppy. Especially since Steam were supposed to lift this restriction, and started the work and then stopped.

    I think you may need to ask for your money back. I'd be surprised if the underlying problem got fixed anytime soon...

    The alternative would be for your friend to pick up a copy of the original Rocksmith. This should activate the tracks. An additional $10 for the import tool would also allow him to play the 50 odd songs from the original rocksmith in Rocksmith 2014.
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    Hi Danny,

    thanks for the reply, this clarifies. I try to get a refund.

    Kind regards,
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