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    What is ubisoft waiting for!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!? I want driver

    Alright, seriously Ubisoft, I'm starting to become impatient with your lack of consistency. You make Assassins Creed like every 8 months but wait every 4 years for a new driver. Yes I have heard of your new "Driver Speedboat Paradise" which I can't even find in the Play Store because it is ment for apple only. Anyways, It's called Driver for a reason. Not Boat Driver. I would really like to see some more Driver, it should be like every two years a new one comes out. I have high hopes for you Ubisoft. Driver San Francisco was a blast! May I list a few suggestions to make it better: Shift was good, but for a new game it should be only for minigames. Free roam didn't feel too free, try taking out the invisible wall and give us full terrain just like The Crew. It would be nice if we could leave the car, grab guns for missions, customise vehicles, and have houses, garages, and warehouses to buy. Lastly, the lack of real missions; I felt like you only had about 30 missions and the rest seamed like side missions. If you could include 50 full missions and 100 side missions that would be GREAT. These additions seem like a must have for waiting 4 years. This is an actual driving game, not racing. Add these, a great storyline, and you should be able to beat or come close to GTA V as long as you advertise the game and try to keep the rating TEEN (alot of kids and teens like me really wan't get a good sandbox that isn't M so our parents will alow us to play it[I'm taking about GTA V innapropriate]). These expectations are expected (except maybe rating) for waiting 4+ years. Hey, if I'm not getting quantity, I want quality!
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    Please, anyone? REPLY! MORE SUPPORT more driver.
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    So no word on a new REAL Driver game? Last one was DSF and it's on 360 so anyone who sold there 360 for a X1(I'm not one of them but my friends are, and they're always asking to borow it for SC and Driver), is it that hard to let us know if a new Driver is in our future? What happened to turning it into the AC of driving games? I have always loved this game as I've always found it as the best of GTA without the bad parts(well before Driver San Francisco anyway). A "hey we here you and we are currently looking into it" or "no plans right now" or even just a "screw you" would be appreciated at this point.
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    You should buy the new xbox one and get DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO for pc, then you and your friends can play online together for free! Trust me I tried the pc version, people say uplay is horrid but I actually like it and recommend you get it for pc because the game runs on most pcs.
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    if the game is not shown on Play Store then it means the game is not compatible with your device. it is important to remember this
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