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    I have an xbox one and i cant get into airmech arena no matter what i do! 🤷*♂️🙄😫😒😢

    Ive followed all the steps to try and resolve the issue but it just STILL CONTINUES TO SAY "Airmech Servers are Unavailabe and this definitely the very first time it's been like this but i have even switched profiles yet it STILL WILL NOT LET ME PLAY! Ubisoft please please help me with this annoying issue!?please HELP ME
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    same issue on ps4. airmech servers currently unavailable etc. you would think that on the ubisoft site there would be a message saying servers now closed or there is an issue and we are working on it but nothing. that's poor ubisoft.
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    Is Airmech Arena done for good?

    I bought this game for my 7-year-old nephew and it's one of his favorite games to play. Sadly, I've noticed that the servers for this game have constantly been down lately. Has Ubisoft abandoned this game completely? Even when the game was up and running, I hadn't seen any new content being dropped for it in ages. What is the deal, Ubisoft? Are you never going to put in anymore effort or support for this game? If that's so, that's a shame because I've put in a lot of money on this game and I will be contacting Microsoft for a refund if the servers continue to stay down for much longer.

    Andy K.
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    We are very sorry, but the airmech servers are unavailable.......

    Roughly 4 years 3300+ games. Seems like my electronic krak is never coming back. Have not been able to connect to servers for a couple weeks. Completely reset xbox one to no avail. Support says they are aware of problems with non resolving sales. Havent been able to trade for months......If Airmech Arena for xbox one wanted to see other gamer's couldn't she have least left me a note????!!! Does she have any idea what its like in MN heading into a black wilderness of snow and sub zero death without her??? My first console-the first console ever made worked until the late 90s. No fancy servers for the old Odessey...her 1970s circuits were simple...."we are very sorry, but the Airmech servers are unavailable. Please try again later" The digital 'dear John' 0f 2018....
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