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    Wow, good turn out so far! Everyone is about the age I had thought... except for Shanui... who suprised me by being only 13! Shanui, I thought you'd be at least a little older from the level of maturity in your posts, plus I never knew a 13 year old with such a top quality website before!

    Lynx, cool details! Your idea for a seperate photo thread would be cool, but I don't know if people will post pictures because they prefer to keep their anonymity, or because they are shy. If there was a thread like this, I'd post a pic

    SysMangler, thanks for joining in the thread and giving up your anonymity! I think... your details are safe amongst lovers of BG&E

    Everyone else, good to know a little more about you

    extension of my original post:

    Favourite game: Day of the Tentacle... oldy but a goody.
    First game: Dig-Dug or Alley cat on a 286, sweeeet EGA display.
    Most played game: Windows Solitaire
    Favourite movie(s): Lost in Translation,Eternal Sunshine (of the spotless mind), Fight Club and...American Beauty.
    Favourite book:Asimov's Bicentinial man

    That's all for now

    Keep posting everyone else!

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    Allright a little add.

    First played game: Bomberman on C64. Man, i loved that game.
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    Nickname: CellAgent51
    Reason for nickname: For those that know me from the Splinter Cell forums, this is obvious. *peeks out at some of the regulars* Added the 51 since I like to ponder about things that can't be explained by conventional means. AKA area 51 and all that stuff.
    Age: 36? 37? I never keep track really. Your only as old as your heart is anyway.
    Occupation: Computer guy by trade. Mainly programming them though. But you name it, I've done it. Even worked for Cray designing some aspects of the custom OS. Going through a bit of a mid life crisis atm. Heh. Starting to help out as a videographer at a local business that I helped start a while back.
    Studying: Anything related to computers, video, sound, games. Other than that, currently working for the man paying the bills.
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Astronomy, high energy physics, reading about SCO vs. IBM (takes up a LOT of time). Anything sound related. Just about anything where people can excel I can appreciate. Oh and games of course.
    Location: Minnesota, United States.

    I like logical reasoning and empassioned debates. Both can be done without profanity or belittling the other person. My favorite saying is "half of effective communication is understanding". OH! Forgot the most important thing! I like the group ABBA. LOL. Twas the first thing I thought about when I read the thread title. /grin

    That's about it. Pleased to meet all of you. /wave

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    Guess I'll add a few more things

    Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VI, Beyond Good & Evil, Metroid Prime, MGS: Twin Snakes, Grandia 2
    Favorite Movies: Deep Impact, Stephen King's IT, Aliens II
    Languages: Bilingual in Dutch & English in both spoken and written forms
    Dislikes: Know-it-all's, dogmatism, and arrogance

    Shanui, at 13 years of age - you have an immense talent for webdesigning, not to mention
    maturity in your postings as noted by kip0r

    Great Stuff


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    Very nice meeting everyone!

    Here's my stuff:

    Handle: QuiGonJ
    Reason for handle: In 1999 I was about to sign on a Star Wars message board, and chose the one character who, like me, had a beard and very long brown hair. I don't always have my namesake's patience, but I think the name is a good fit.
    Occupation: Office drudge
    Gender: Male
    Gaming experience:Lots... been playing games since Pong was new and loved arcades when I grew up in the 80s. Like pinball, though nothing locally plays very well anymore. Systems I have had include the Atari 2600, the TI 994/A, the NES, the SNES and PC gaming since a few weeks after DooM shareware was released (bout ten years ago), and most recently, the GBA SP. The crown jewel of my gaming was being one of the first round beta testers for Star Wars Galaxies.

    Born in '67, live in the Los Angeles area.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Oringally posted by Lynx-0-:
    Shanui, your site, Shauni unexplained is incredible, and your 13?!?!?! now thats some darn talent if ive ever seen it...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Oringally posted by sysMangler:
    Shanui! 13, and you have your own web site! You *go* girl! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by bitebug2003:
    Shanui, at 13 years of age - you have an immense talent for webdesigning, not to mention
    maturity in your postings as noted by kip0r

    Great Stuff <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Thanks. I guess I'm one of the mature people of my grade if that counts...and I'm the computer nerd sort of person.

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    cellagent - your philosophy on debate is excellent, couldnt agree with you more. plus, you worked for cray?!?!?! awesome!

    sysMangler, awesome info man! what a life that is! i checked out the game selector link, and answered all the questions truthfully. guess what game it recommeneded...... BGE lol. guess it knows what its talking about

    bitebug - its always good to see a grandia afficiando around!

    hmm, what can i add to my info?

    First Game:other than random atari games that my dad had, the first game i remember playing was Q*Bert for the NES. my dad rented the NES and the game, my bro and i were like <img src="http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif" alt="Surprised" width="16" height="16"><!--graemlin::surprised:--> then after that, we bought an NES, and Mario followed.

    First game i bought:This was a joint effort with my bro. We saved up tons of allowance and lunch money to buy Super mario Kart, back in like, 91 or something. it took us about 2 months to get that game off layaway at Kmart!

    Favorite movie:hmm... Shrek 2, The Incredibles, black hawk down, matrix, band of brothers.

    Favorite bookim a big fan of the battletech book series, but my fav book would probably be Night by elie weisel. John Grisham books rank up there too, testament was incredible.

    Most anticipated game: Half-life 2!!!!!

    Favorite bands: five iron frenzy, blindside, mxpx, juliana theory.

    Funniest game memory:This had to have been one night when i was playing Team Fortress Classic (TFC) online with my brother. TFC is a HAlf-Life mod that is essentially capture the flag with guns. Long story short, my bro tells me that he swam underneith red's (the enemy) base, and was hiding under a bridge. ("20:57 : Im Exhausted, I must have swam two miles!" ) he told me to swim over there, sneak under the bridge, and together we would sneak and capture red's flag. so i swam to red's base, snuck under their bridge, and i did NOT see my bro. i was like, eh, whatever. i ran up and assaulted their flag, and died. when i respawned, my bro said to me in the chat "dude, where are you? i dont know how long i can hide here, we gotta go now!" im thinking to myself what the? so, i respawn and go to our own bridge, and guess what. theres my bro, hiding in his own base. i didnt tell him anything, i had to see what happened next. he tells me, "ok, ready? when i say go, follow me up the elevator. ill grab the flag, you get my back, and we get the heck outta dodge! Go!" we run out from our own bridge, takeing harrassing fire from... nobody. its our own base! we get up to the flag room, and i follow my bro to the door. i watched him turn and look in the doorway to see his own flag. his response was classic. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I took a screenshot of his response. i laughed for so long that i had to stop playing. man, now that was good times!

    thats it for tonite, check back tommarow for more useful Lynx info! same jade time, same jade channel!

    Through Jesus Christ, he has made me FIREPROOF

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    Great story! I second you're comments on CellAgent.
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    ive gotta stop posting early in the morning! its 6 a.m..... i havent gone to sleep yet... what am i doing? i need sleep, ill post more tommarow...

    Through Jesus Christ, he has made me FIREPROOF
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    hey, I'm exactly the same. I often work until the sun comes up... stay up for breakfast, get a short nap... wake up and the cycle begins again

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