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    Thanks to PCAviation.net for hosting!

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    Thanks to PCAviation.net for hosting!

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    Those were some cool formations...I especially like the P51 under the B17 , and the crossovers, breakoffs and passes of those 2 P51s!

    Great work!

    Nice skins too btw

    Cpt 375thFS
    "And you thought the meat last night was tough..."
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    Cajun76's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nice flying! That was a tight fit when the trailing P-51 tucks his prop next to the horizontal stab of the other Mustang.

    Not to degrade you guys skills, but any chance there might be a "blooper" reel?

    Good hunting,

    Have you thanked a veteran today?
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    The 2nd video is complete, just waiting for it to be hosted.

    Funny you should say that Cajun, that's exactly what it's all about.

    Hope to post a link to it soon.

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    Well, I haven't heard back from the guy at PCAviation about hosting this video.

    Does anyone else have availabilty to host this file? (29 meg)


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    Nice formation flying there. Takes skill to hang that close to a B-17 and not hit it.

    Just a piece of constructive criticism. Mouse panning just doesn't look good. Most people, myself included, can't move the mouse in a fluid motion.

    If anyone wants to share how to get nice fluid pans then please share! I think we all now about F3,F6,F7 & Static Cameras, but what other techniques can we use? How well does FreeLook and CAM2PAN work?
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    I agree with the mouse panning. It's a combination of recording with fraps at a rate faster than 15fps, and a shaky mouse hand.

    I'd be happy to read any tips for fluid pans and other shots.

    The inspiration for this piece of airwork came from watching the Silver Triggers' videos. I'm just now learning about the static cams and I'd like to figure out how the ST's shot the zoom in/out flyby view in their #4 video.

    Our half-cuban airshow center pass would have been better shown via static cam at midfield.

    I'll start reading up.


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    Nice movie!

    I also agree on the mouse panning, as that is very hard to do well. But if you need some mousepanning scenes, try to set the mouse-sensitivity to 0.1 or 0.2 in the input settings. Then it's much easier to get a good result.

    About the zoom in/out clip in our 4th video, I did it like this:

    1. Placed a camera 10 meters on the right side of the runway before flying.

    2. Flew aerobatics and recorded the flight ;-)

    3. Opened the track and found the static camera, by pressing Ctrl+F2.

    4. Zoomed in towards the side runway before we did the lowpass. Then I locked our planes with F6, and started the recording.

    You can't get this "effect" if you look from the exact spot of where the static camera was placed. You must zoom in a bit, lock the planes, and watch them zoom in/out ;-) It needs some experimenting to get it right.
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