View Poll Results: If , and only IF orders are spoken in the game (which i really hope , the constant aknoledge from t

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  • yes - sounds great!

    10 76.92%
  • no - I want the generic de-athmospheric voices over and over again!

    0 0%
  • FUN: Sofort auf Tiefe gehn!

    1 7.69%
  • FUN: Das Muss das Boot abkönnen!

    1 7.69%
  • FUN: Uns hat der liebe Gott eine Schaufel Sand unterm Kiel geworfen

    1 7.69%
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    Willey's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2001

    BTW: In SH2 I missed "xxx, Herr Kaleun" very much .
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    I voted "Yes", but then I have no idea what those last three are. Jurgen Prochnow would be nice, but who's gonna pay him?

    Willey: have you used the DBSM sound mods from SubSim? They improve the immersion 100%! Amazing stuff!

    Always keep you clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark.
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    I voted yes too. I don't think he has done much acting wise since Das Boot besides bit parts, so maybe he could use some extra cash.
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    yes , the money , always the money

    but think of it , how many small speech bits he would have to say in german (and maybe english ) ?

    In fact there are not so many orders you can give in an uboat that would be usefull in the game (crashdive, man deckgun/AA, dive, surface, blow balast, abandon boat, tube x fire!, rudder (hard) backbord(sternside) / steuerbord(portside) midships, periscope up/down , man lookout.
    that and maybe some ambient speech is very little to record and sounds like not too much ?
    we dont need a rudder 5/10/15/20/25 degrees obsolete stuff like sh1/2
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    As I said, at you can download the DBSM (Das Boot Sound Mod, also known as Projeckt Schwertfisch). It replaces a bunch of commands with scenes cut from the movie; something you can't do in a released game without paying a bunch of money, but works great as a mod. It adds a tremendous amount of ambience, all the way to replacing the "can't send message underwater" file with the French singer on the captain's favorite record.

    Oh, also you can shorten the "5 degree right rudder" commands yourself until you have blank files by using the Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder function.

    Always keep you clothes and your weapons where you can find them in the dark.
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    i know how to throw them out of sh2 but my point is you dont need to record them AGAIN , thats what i meant with obsolete
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    I'd settle for just about any authentic German language speaking person for the voice, since one of the most ridiculously silly things about SHII (and there are quite a few) were having to listen to some twit speaking English with a bad 50s movie accent.

    OK, so I realize that some might think it a pain to listen to German and not knowing what the Hell they are saying, but that's what subtitles are for. Or, better still, how 'bout TWO soundtracks?

    One for us cunning linguists silly about atmosphere and others who don't really care.

    It worked for AoD, after all, but then again: That's not the only thing that worked for AoD that was thrown out.
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    Make that "...and one for the others who don't really care."

    I really need to start proofreading
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