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  1. Nice. Double XP and DLC date confirmed. No snow-maps for MP, though... Still, Stockade sounds fun (although it's almost TDM/Elimination)

    Going to play, now.
  2. Thanks P4NCH0, have a nice WE
  3. Hey Antoine. Won`t be online over weekend, at the parents. Congrats on the TU being out - but apparently now some people that had it seem to have problems... well, I hope it`ll all be good when I come back on Sunday night.

    You take care.
  4. LOL ! Thanks!
  5. Well... ahem... Daadadaa da daaa daa. Daadadaa da Daa daa. DaadaDAAda DaadaDaa da. Daadadaa da Daa daa! (that's Happy Birthday...)

    Wow, you're OLD
  6. Hey Antoine.

    Just wanted to say the Cloud Update from yesterday is really an improvement. I was a bit weary about the Sniper Changes (I understand the reasons Brock explained, yet I still do wish that White Circle would vanish - or at least get too big to aim with), but after testing they seem surprisingly good. Did not get killed by a Quick-Scope Sniper today, which is very nice.
    It also seems you lowered the accuracy for firing SRs from the hip/shoulder (this is what "increased dispersion in aim" means, right?), which was a very nice surprise.
    The movement of Objectives, at least on Sandstorm was also quite good (now there is one on the side of Cargo that you can hack through the wall, the one in the middle in the alcove above the two ladders...)

    All in all, nice work. I just feel you people don't hear that enough.
  7. Love the game, but have only 1000 chrs, so no more praise.

    Just wanted to let you know that being in Germany I am unable to play with people from the US due to unreal lag on the XBox. Up to 25 seconds delay between actions and reactions. Even planting a camera. I am not joking or exaggerating.

    And it reminds me, terribly so, of Crysis 2 MP. They had P2P, and server and matchmaking issues, even regional lag. Eventually the Euro Community just died, the remnants unable to play with people overseas. Two weeks after their second MP DLC you could not find a game.

    And I'm afraid this might happen to GRFS, too. I hope people are aware how terribly bad the lag is, and I hope there is a way to fix it. Improve Host Selection, show Connection Strengths, Regional Matchmaking, sure. But to survive, it needs to be possible for Europeans to play GRFS MP with people overseas. I can play Campaign Co-Op or Guerrilla with US, no problems or lag at all. But MP is just impossible.

  8. Hi Antoine.

    As it seems, many people are quite upset about the lack of Co-Op Matchmaking, so I suggested (petitioned for) You-bisoft to create an Online Player Database for GRFS akin to parts of the Splinter Cell Conviction Matchmaking Website. Maybe you could take a look at that here:

    It's basically a searchable Database with detailed info (Region, Country, Spoken Languages, Online-Times, Preferred Game Modes etc.), where people can go and actively search for suitable players instead of sifting through 50 pages of "Add Me" posts that often lack crucial details. Especially region/country is quite important for a lag-free environment.

    Maybe you can take a look?

    Appreciate it a lot, thanks. And Great Work. Seriously.

    Oh, I also posted this on Ubi-Mush's wall, so... well, just so you know.
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