View Full Version : Dead Kings best DLC

01-19-2015, 03:17 AM
Some of you might think I'm crazy or even use F word, but I've played 1 hour of dead kings so far and I'm impressed.

About the story right now I have more questions than before since I only played the first mission and been roaming around Franciade, the attention to little details here and there and some fan service along the first mission (clearly that was only for us :D).

For some reason I feel I'm overpowered here, I got legendary gear and I remember still got my butt kicked in places like Temple on Paris, here in Franciade I'm almost Connor level of badassness.

The thing were the bugs and bats go away when you shine a light on them was a great addition I wasn't expecting.

So far I had no issues, my FPS are the same as on Paris, have not had any of the ones described on any thread here and I'm using sweetfx which makes the underground really dark so that lantern is really important.

I wish for at least one more DLC before they forget about Unity (2.5D Sidescroller that looks like an ipad app is no DLC for me -_-)

PS: I have a questions for those who are already done, how many memories? I know it's just 1 sequence but are there only 3 memories like on the regular game?