View Full Version : XBOne LosInocentes recruiting. Looking for active members.

01-14-2015, 09:39 AM

We have one and only mission. To prove we're the best.
Join us and you'll be rewarded for your contributions to our clan.
We have won two competitions, but that's just the beginning. We have decided to win all of them.
Would you join us, brother?

Club Bio:
Name: LosInocentes
Club Tag: [LOSI]
Club Age: 56 days
Club Leader: JackMorrison7 (Legend)
Club Officers: EagleBladeZ (Champion), TheAppleTouch (Elite Assassin), VioletteBarrow (Advanced Assassin)
Number of Members: 11/50
Completed Objectives: 11/11 (how? We don't know... But we do.)
Club Rank: Gold Division III
Competitions Won: 2

Requirements: Be active. We win, you win.

Our brotherhood will be glad to have you.