View Full Version : XBOne oSYNDICATEo looking for active club competition members !!!!

01-12-2015, 07:48 PM
Hi guys currently our club is full but we do have some in active players, we have won club competitions and we are winning by a long shot, but I feel it is unfair that the inactive players are getting rewards for doing nothing. Therefore I am looking for active members that are committed to winning club competitions and getting the rewards, any ranks are welcome to join, all you need to do is have an input into the competition every week. if you think this is you and would like to be apart of a winning club, pm me on Xbox live and I will invite you into the club !

Thanks a lot guys hope to hear from you soon (:

club - oSYNDICATEo
Tag - SYUK
Xbl - OoSEAN93oO

01-13-2015, 05:33 AM
Hey there, I'm a hardcore PC, Ps3, and xbox gamer. I normally don't apply to other clans as I am a former leader of a highly organized and competitive group. With that said I'm no longer looking for a leadership role in games as I currently have other priorities and want to step back from leading. Capable of following and organizing, am skilled player, Microphone and all the good stuff.

My question is how active is your club, and how seriously do your members take coop play?

01-13-2015, 07:09 PM
Hi mate, thank you for your question, the club is pretty active, but as I said in the post there are a few inactive players, which I would like to replace with active members, everyone in the clan is all from different time zones, therefore it may not seem like it is active if you not from any of our time zones, how ever out club competition points are always going up, people have joined the club with friends so they can play together for the competition, this is something you may want to consider if you would like to join, or just play with other club members or in public, hope this helped a little bit :)