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01-12-2015, 07:41 AM
The forums are a great place to give feedback to the developers and to let them know what we like/dislike etc. I'm sure they've heard many complaints and requests and this thread just acts as a bit of a summary of these complaints.

What I enjoy about the franchise
- The history.
- The gameplay mechanics
- The superb script writing.
- Always outstanding graphics of its time
- The strong soundtracks of each game
- Top notch voice acting (except for Rogue)

What I do not enjoy about the franchise
- This progressive move towards transmedia in game. It's disgustingly anti-consumer and it will continue to get out of hand if something doesn't happen.
- Modern day. I use to like it but honestly I don't think Ubi really know what they want to do with it anymore. Nothing is progressing.
- Playing it safe. We need to move out of Europe. Yes they do make great settings but there is so much more out there for this universe to explore.

Those are just some examples. Do you like AC? Do you enjoy it more than you use to? Which is your favourite game? What would you like to see for the franchise? Do you have high hopes? What are your complaints of AC? Is the quality declining?

Just a summary of your stance on AC to help let the developers know what it is exactly what we want (if they read this lol)

Private Plasma
01-12-2015, 07:47 AM
I like:
History (its my favourite subject)
Assassinating enemies

Don't Like:
Modern day Abstergo stuff
Lack of facial customisation
More interesting eras haven't been including yet

01-12-2015, 02:59 PM
I've enjoyed and supported the franchise since the very first announcement and so far, I've enjoyed every game, one more than the other.
Yet I can't deny anymore that Ubisoft REALLY needs to slow down. AC2's success has both been a blessing and a curse imo. Brotherhood and Revelations should never have happened; at least not as full retail games. Liberation should've remained VITA only. Rogue shouldn't have been a full-priced retail game either. Right now the series is moving SO fast, it's really tiring to keep up with it (with at least one main game per year, even TWO in 2014) and it seems to get worse each year.
I barely had time to take in Unity and Boom! There were the first screens of AC:Victory. This basically caused instant franchise fatigue for me and I couldn't be any less excited for Victory. And that's not the only reason Ubi should slow the franchise down. To have a main game each year, the have a bazillion studios all working on multiple projects at the same time and it simply starts to show more and more. Too many cooks in the kitchen! And it doesn't only show in the overarching story which gets more confusing each time without even really progressing. While AC2 and Black Flag were solid games that improved on a system set by previous games, games like AC3 and Unity, while I still enjoy them, are just kind of a disjointed mess. Unity looks gorgeous and has a lot of ideas that would've been great if implemented properly. But the game simply has too many broken mechanics that, imho, just aren't acceptable anymore in a triple A game. Not to mention it wasn't even fully finished when it shipped. Ubisoft is really shooting itself in the foot and could do so much better than this if they just took more time and more importantly FOCUSED.

Why not just let one studio handle the AC series and have them take their time to perfect their games? I believe one solid main game every two or three years by the same studio could really save the franchise. Have other studios work and focus on other projects. We've seen enough AC for the last eight years.

01-12-2015, 03:52 PM
The series needs to have an 'honorable' discharge while it still can.

Let the studios channel their talent into new, diverse historical adventures -- they don't need to carry the 'AC' brand-name.

Ubisoft has stated publicly, though, that they won't touch an 'IP', unless it can become a 'franchise'. That's, in a word, abusive towards the talent they employ, and consumers who buy their games.