View Full Version : Join the brotherhood

01-03-2015, 07:41 AM
Finished the campaign and focusing on the co-op/ heists now. Everyone seems stale online, not really doing a lot of teamwork. Don't get me wrong it's fun going in guns blazing but the stealth has its entertainment value too. So if you're a fellow assassin who is wanting to play the game properly AND mess about, feel free to join my brotherhood. I currently only have one other friend in it but hopefully we'll grow.

Brotherhood name : NoAssassinsHere
Tag : LBN7
Gamer tag (xbox one) : Vicade95
Current rank (if that matters???) : Advanced Officer

Again, I'm all for having fun in this game. If you're a completionist, perfectionist, troll, new to the game or just wanting to enjoy it : I urge you guys to join.