View Full Version : XBOne [INVX] KingsInvictus. Looking for some wolves.. New brotherhood recruiting! Xbox One

DXPE x Brogod
01-03-2015, 04:06 AM
Hey everybody!

So I figured I would put an ad out for my brotherhood! We are in bronze division I. We are gonna win as the competition ends in a day and we are up by double the points. I know as we climb the ranks through division it will get more challenging so my REQUEST to you is that you look us up! [INVX] KingsInvictus is open for people willing to capitalize in club competition. We are on the Xbox One and play often. Maybe you'll make a friend out of this enticing experience. We're just normal dudes that like video games! My gamer tag is DXPE x Brogod if you'd like to hit me up and play sometime. But seriously check out my brotherhood the more people we get the more powerful we will become! I'll see you online.

"The strength of the wolf lies within the pack, and the strength of the pack lies within the wolf."