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12-31-2014, 08:56 AM
[SPQR]TheOmegaSeven is looking to fill the remaining 30 slots in the club with active/semi-active players!

~We are a core group of 7 r/l friends that do the bulk of the grinding midweek, no grinding required from others. We lead this week by 500k and welcome active players that wish to unlock gear. Any contribution to the clubs points, and anyone willing to join our grinds or run other co-op/heists are welcomed.

TheOmegaSeven Stats:
Leader: Apsulas
Console: Xbox One
Club Tag: [SPQR]
Members: 20/50
Club Lifespan: 50 days
Co-Op: 97
Heists: 52
Club wins:1
Creed Points this week: 800,000+ CP

~If You wish to join, you can message any of the Club leads: Apsulas, EidolonsZalera, or Baconwraphotdog

~Remember to collect any of the gear won for the week players are required by the game to contribute at least 500 creed points