View Full Version : [Xbox One] - AC Unity Not Online At Start

12-29-2014, 12:44 PM
I recently moved my XBox One to another room (I moved the Kinect as well, so that I can still automatically log into Live when starting up the machine).

Ever since the move, when I start Unity, the game doesn't connect to the online Club services upon launch. I can play Co-op and Heist missions with other people just fine, but my Club information doesn't show - instead, I see the option to "Go Online".

If I choose to go online, my Club information loads up, but:

1) My rank jumps from Elite Veteran to Legend, and;
2) My Club's completed objectives show as 0/11 (we are 6/11, including a Club Competition win) - all other Club stats are correct (the competition win shows, our completed Co-op and Heist mission numbers look the same as before, membership total is still the same, etc.). In fact, the Club Objectives menu option is grayed out - I can't even review the objectives.

Three of the objectives we'd completed are of the "+10% creed points" variety. When I'm "offline", I don't get the +30%. When I "Go Online", I don't get the +30% either since my display shows 0/11 objectives completed.

Has anyone else experienced any of these issues, or similar ones?