View Full Version : AC: Unity - Ransacking Versailles

12-21-2014, 01:44 AM

I'm not a smart guy, so I bought all the Assassin's Creed from the first two date. More then that, all my Ac's are at minimum special editions. And like if that wasn't enough, I even made 100% trophies on all the AC's to date.

So since the first game that It's normal for me to get all types of bugs and glitches.... In-game, in trophies, everwhere, because you seem you're not capable of making a complete decent game without some problem. Unity is the perfect example that you're not able to, since you're realising patches almost every week, and the game is still with a lot of problems.

But I don't care. As you may know, your games have always a terrific amount of collectibles. There are tons and tons of stupid collectibles to collect, so guys that are not smart like me, waste their time collecting everything hoping to see a stupid trophy pop. The problem is, when it doesn't!

I went to Versaille, I collected 8/8 cockblades, 20/20 chests, 2/2 sync views, but Ransacking Versailles didn't pop. So I know I'm wasting a lot of stupid time collecting this s***, but at least if I'm wasting it I hope to get the reward. So I just want to know why the hell don't I have my achievement done? So basicly that's it and I hope you can help me without the typical answer:

please delete your game data and start again, because now I'm calm, but with answers like that, I might not just be.

Peace and love from one of the most enthusiastic AC's fans, who is yaer after year getting more tired of this type of stupid errors that you seem you're not able to solve, but you keep putting in the game.

Merry xmas.