View Full Version : Asymmetrical Co-op idea for future Assassin's Creed game

12-19-2014, 05:45 AM
Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed bear many similarities, such as an abundance of collectibles, and a heavy emphasis on stealth. What it there was a modern-day Assassin's Creed/Watch Dogs released, (This could be possible, as many youtubers have found Easter eggs in both games proving the games could be in the same universe) retaining co-op, however now it is asymmetrical? This would make co-op feel more like a team-oriented experience, and not simply assassination missions with friends. The main story would be that Abstergo bought ctOS (as we can find a letter advertising ctOS to Abstergo in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag), and is now using it for the gains of the Templars. With Abstergo's new gain, the Assassins are being crushed. They now turn to the fixers (the mercenaries from Watch Dogs) for help. The Assassins convince the fixers that Abstergo plans to take over the world. The fixers eventually are convinced, and the fixers and assassins continue their secret war against the Templars. This is where the co-op comes in. One player will only have modern-day weapons and no parkour, however he will be able to use gadgets and modern-day craftables (such as jam-coms, blackouts, and focus pills), and hack the city to his advantage, just like Aiden from the first game. The Assassin will only have firearms, missing the electronic weapons, however he/she will be able to use parkour, has a slower detection rate (guards take longer to become fully aware of the player) that the fixer, and has the old craftables and weapons, like smoke-bombs, darts (I'm sure the return of the blowpipe or air rifle would be a welcome addition, berserk darts would be especially interesting in a modern setting), and most importantly, Eagle Vision. In the co-op missions, Eagle Vision will tag enemies for both players. The fixer can do this too, however he/she requires a security camera to tag enemies. Both players can drive cars. This could allow for an interesting story, as well as a fun and engaging co-op. Both players will feel that they have a purpose, and neither player can just stand back and do nothing, making working together imperative for success. For example, one mission could have a control center raid. There could be two buildings, one with flat walls and a forklift next to it, making the fixer hack the forklift, as parkour will not be possible on flat surfaces. The other could have run-down walls and no hackable items, forcing the assassin player to parkour up to the top, and let down a rope or set up a grappling area for the fixer to reach. Creating a game like this could allow for a intriguing entry for both games, compiling both fanbases into one, and also could help keep Ubisoft as one of the leading game developers.

What do you think? Reply with what you feel.