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12-11-2014, 04:25 PM
We’ve got a triple threat of Featured Builder tracks this week. These creations were too good to NOT let everyone play. Now I can continue to write all kinds of nonsense about how this is nearly the 30th time we’ve had a Uplay Recommended drop, or I can just get into the new tracks….

TAVERNIER by commendo030
Commendo030 is back with a very well done residential ruin track. I think it’s residential, it might be an abandoned prison (based on the broken bars on the windows) while the exact theme might not be clear, what is clear is that this track has a more demanding driving line than you would expect. Judging throttle and speed to make sure you don’t over-jump the landing and lose valuable time.

Check out Dean ramsay’s video showing you how it’s done.


Cristal cave by FG-312
Another of our Featured Builders who we feel has made something that everyone can enjoy; FG welcomes you to the Cristal cave. Be prepared for things to break in your first run, and don’t be angry if one of those things is your face as this track has some great -yet understated- physics and effects use.

Put eyes on this video by the builder himself!


Lost City by Kush Land 604
Let’s get this out of the way. I love technical uphill tracks. They are some of the most enjoyable tracks to me and I will never complain about them (too much). This track by Kush pressed all of the right buttons for me. Required throttle control? Check. Wicked theme? Check. Possibility to get really quick runs? Check.

Infamous Shot has us all covered by this video.


Vinyl Destination by Rishaan
So, you liked the art design of Magic Marker from Trials Evo, but weren’t a fan of the punishingly brutal extreme line? Me too, that jump can go cry in a corner. You KNOW what jump. Well, we’ve got Vinyl Destination to give us that MM-Evo feel, while being a whole new punishingly brutal track, except for maybe you ninja riders who wouldn’t be fazed by a 30ft vertical wall.

Can’t play right now? Don’t worry, you can still see the video.


Speed Trap 2014 by Cry-994
Speaking of “feels like” Speed Trap hits right in the Trials HD feels. Is the driving line the exact same? No, but it’s close enough, updated enough and packs the nostalgia punch of one of my favorite Trials HD tracks. I’m sensing a #WeekendChallenge on Twitter. There’s one minor camera issue, but I just can’t not like this track.

We’ve got you covered with this replay video.


And there it is, 5 more tracks making their way to the universal adoration of Trials riders everywhere. Good luck, good tracks. We wish you the best. Don’t forget to stop by next week, where we’ll have more Trials tracks making the leap… and I mean MORE.


12-11-2014, 05:21 PM
Good choice of tracks bravo to the creators and a big bravo has commendo030 this track is a marvel regarding speedrun.
I would like to know if there is a topic planned to make to you proposal of track for the next one séléction Uplay thank you.

12-11-2014, 05:37 PM

Yes, such topic exists: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/893057-Uplay-Recommended-Trials-Fusion-Listing


12-11-2014, 06:41 PM
Thank you

12-11-2014, 06:46 PM
Who picks these tracks. The speed trap 2014 track has too many problems it wouldn't fit in this message.

A few main ones:

Every ramp is just... Really bad for landing, The amount of places it grabs my back tire or front tire is ridiculous

The object placement is bad so I hit my front tire in many places.

There is a sheet of metal that falls into the driving line and hits the rider, slowing them down, what's up with that.

Do you guys at RL test these tracks? This speed trap was a HD track, and the creator has just gone and made a not so good remake of it and it gets into the Uplay recommended.

12-11-2014, 07:12 PM
Played all of them, love all of them. Can't finish the extreme one though (but I love the concept). I particularly love "Lost City"!

12-11-2014, 07:41 PM
3 picks from featured builders for this month. How redundant can you be with your selections?
I know not many build for Fusion these days, but at least put a little effort in finding something new.
I know, you pick what you like...haha, come on man. Of course you like the tracks, that's why they're in the featured builder section too.

Not to echo Funkman here, but similar to Evo...it's like watching the same thing over and over. At least there should be a few Team of 5 picks next week.

12-11-2014, 07:58 PM
There is no redundancy between featured and uplay pick. I am happy to be able to play on PC the tracks that come from featured builders on consoles.

12-11-2014, 08:07 PM
I say black, you say blue...I got it.
It's repetitive to have the current featured builder in uplay, as well. Same tracks, same builders. It seems obvious, but not to you maybe.

12-11-2014, 08:39 PM
I know not many build for Fusion these days, but at least put a little effort in finding something new.
I know, you pick what you like...haha, come on man.

Here's the deal. Your Featured Builder is only on your platform. If we would like to showcase some of those tracks on other platforms, they go into the Uplay Recommended Feed. Players on other platforms do not see "same tracks, same builders", well, maybe they do, but it will be different tracks and builders that they might find repetitive. End result, 75% of the platforms do not have those "redundant" selections.

It seems obvious, but not to you maybe.

I've asked you a few times not to do this. I've given you the benefit of the doubt a few more times. This passive-aggressive trolling from you is tiresome and, more importantly, against the forum rules.

12-11-2014, 09:05 PM
Tavanier -

Although it does have a few problems it still is a delightful track to ride , one that shows effort and enthusism for creating an actual real enviroment for us to fall into. Sometimes too much appreciation is gone into drivelines. Unless there is a distinctive part of a drivline which stands out then sometimes it shouldn't matter if the decor makes up for it. As much as dls are important so is decor , it is a 2 way street or they go hand in hand to make a wonderful creation. One without the other makes for the feeling of a missing part. The majority of players don't even know what a perfect driveline is. There is a very low percent of the game players who actually understand this. Thats why tracks such as these that create a world with both a half decent driveline and a fantastic decor makes for a very enjoyable ride for the majority of players.

Lost city -

Again this highlights that a world can be created within the editor instead of using any background camouflage as a cheat and what i call lazy building.The use of enviroment objects such as trees are easy to use but to get the correct desired effect as this track does is very hard. So any hinder within the drivline is again excused. it simply looks marvelous. Also same as above with this track too , it does amaze me how people who sit at home playing games seem to be able to make better tracks or even equally as good tracks as the developers of the game. Job well done and will enjoy as with the others getting as good a time as possible. Might not be good but im proberly looking at the scenary to much on the way past lol.

Vinal destination -

What a peach , driveline isnt a point within this track but pure creativity , this even dived deeper when i realised that the actuall moving arm was that of an old record player. Good to see what is in side peoples minds. This is a fine example of being given objects , a tool , and a mission to think out the box. Should a track just be a generic up down around to a finish ? this proves not well done

Speed trap -

The track was very enjoyable to play , driveline smooth in most places yet whilst playing it i could still not dislodge the lump in my throat that this tracks has been placed before the " back catalogue " of tracks. As a player who did not play hd or evo i dont see that this should have an advantage just because it may bring back memorys. I would like to remind the developers of what they remind us. This is trials fusion not evo or hd:p It still is a good track with a decent flow and better then most within tc on ps4 at the moment , but surely it cant be the best in the bank of tracks that are availiable.

Crystal cave -

I personelly could not enjoy this from the start , not just because of the quality of the track but purely think having this creator also in the featured goes against things i believe wrong with track central. If there is a back catalouge and there is tracks already waiting to be crossplatformed then why has this track which is already in the featured been crossplatformed at the moment , this place could have been filled by an already waiting track. I understand there is a few that are featured also but i cant feel for them as i am not on thier platform. The track its self lacks ambition for me , its lacks decor , and there is no thought gone into the background on this track. The drivline is smooth but not enjoyable enough for myself , is it really fun to ride this track ?. i want to say yes to be kind but its not. I will add to this that this tracks is afterall a medium which is very hard to want to build within the medium spectrum in our tc so maybe that explains the lack of effort in the decor and so forth as your lucky if a track stays in medium for half a day in ps4 tc.

I would like to add , i give my opinion hoping this will aid in creators approach in building to widen and grow although i have not seemed to do this in a kind manner previously , i hope this has come across better than usual as i have tried to a reformat in how i give my opinion , also there is not any malice within it. I was wondering whether to continue to give my opinion but rather than quit i decided to find a better way to succeed. There is no doubt personel feelings also mixed in being a builder my self which is unavoidable where opinions are given. All the tracks that are created are all appreciated and to make a track in the first place for people to play goes without saying and is taken with repsect instantly.:) Next is chop my posts in half by coming up with better meanings for what i am saying


edit -
Just read back through this thread , it didnt cross my mind whatsoever about the featured builder not being on their tc , which gives reason for some of my doubt , still this does give an option to free some of those back catalouge tracks and catch up with some uptodate ones.:) Also didnt realise again hw long this looks ( should remember to view preview lol ). I do think that these should be shortened yet should they really be ? if a creator can spend 100 hours building a tracks , then im sure i can give 2 -3 hours trying to give something back to their creativeness. Maybe more should give alittle bit more thought into expanding already great creators minds even more.:)

If this post still leaves you wondering then please read my signature below:)

12-12-2014, 09:04 AM
I am happy with the recommended feed. For me there is no reason to discuss the selection from Redlynx again and again.

12-12-2014, 01:30 PM
I am happy with the recommended feed. For me there is no reason to discuss the selection from Redlynx again and again.

hi dude , i havent stated if i am happy with redlynx or not , this isnt a thread for that. In every thread at the bottom there is a reply button. If redlynx did not want a reply in which this is a way of calculating feedback then this would be removed. Or do you suggest they dictate what our replies should be ?.

Has we are all human and have a driven focus with this game like building or riding then this gives the growth of personality to be within each reply. If you look at my post for example the discussion about the redlynx picks is not an actual discussion but rather a reason for what i liked or did not like about the tracks mentioned. Thus giving no reason for a reply thus why no developer has replied or has not responded in anoyone shouting or adding images as a form of agreevation. So i suspect that my post holds its self in good sted this time although long winded but thats again back to being human and a personality trait flowing into a community forum.

People are real in this game bud even your self hence your own preffrence on the topic so expect real reactions and real attitudes of other also.:) hope we is cool its not meant bad mate:)

12-12-2014, 08:24 PM
Really liked Vinyl Destination and Lost City, both were awesome. :D

12-12-2014, 08:45 PM
Sweet track drop this week. I'd have to say Lost City is my favorite of the bunch, although I was convinced some of these tracks were borderline impossible for nearly an hour, then I discovered my R2 trigger is broken and doesn't fully accelerate (registers at a max of 6 instead of 7 :().

12-13-2014, 12:12 PM
Great picks, congrats to all the builders. lost city was great.. Speed trap seemed a little dark on 360 though compared to the video on hear..
thanks for another drop RL..