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12-06-2014, 05:53 AM
The Crew Performance Only Spec Cars - The Stig test.

Ok so i took the following 3 cars for a test drive, this is using stock settings and using the test track for L.A (different car dealers have different test tracks)

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 - 01:02.995
Pagani Huayra - 00:57.422
Koenigsegg Agera R - 00:53.988

Remember this is using the stock settings, the Lambo is 4WD and for that i felt it was the easier car to drive in that is was steady as a rock, it is slightly heavier than the other 2. The other 2 however are MR and you do notice a difference with a bit more oversteer, but that means you can slide into corners a little earlier.

I also tested the LAFerrari with a time of 00:50.450 but that was tested on a different track at the Miami car dealer so the time is not to be used for any such accuracy. What i can say about the car however is it sticks to the ground like glue, surprisingly handled itself very well on the track i tested it on however it felt a great lack of braking potential which is it's downside.

Now since these cars are only for Performance spec, that is what they will used for and in that regard these are all equally amazing cars for it.

Honestly i felt like that Koenigsegg Agera R was just too fast lol, i mean it's high risk high reward kind of car because if you can control that speed and keep it on the track then nothing is going to stop you, i would actually advise to be extra cautious around bigger turns and even bumps but its obviously insanely fast.

The Lambo should make you less error prone to mistakes during races with that 4WD and allot of that time controlling your car and keeping it on the track is better than a high risk strategy.

The LAFerrari, well as a circuit car i would this is an obvious winner, handles like a dream, however even though this is performance only i would say it's still one of the best if not thee best. The downside of not having as good a braking as the others doesn't really matter as much in Performance because it's not like street where you need to take sharp turns and break suddenly. Sure you will need to go round bends but the grip more than makes up for that. If you like Ferrari's and need a Performance car then this is the perfect choice.

The Pagani Huayra felt similiar to the LAFerrari apart from slightly more oversteer but has a slightly faster 0-62 mph than the Ferrari.

Conclusion if you prefer the visuals of one car over another that's a good choice to make because these cars are all great for Performance, some cars are slightly better than others at particular things and that alone may sway you a particular way.:)

I might do more of this kind of stuff with a bit more detail if people are interested in it.

Thanks for reading.