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12-04-2014, 03:31 PM

I take the liberty to repost this question here, because it has been moved (without any reason nor trace given) in the AC technical support forum, which is flowed with bug reports and useless rants about Unity, burying my post in the 16th page in less than 5 days, thus removing any chance to hope for a response.

My problem is not related to Assassin's Creed, even if I can only observe it in AC games. It's obviously UPlay related, the only games that I'm able to get into are the ones that "launch through Steam", including AC Unity that runs without a hitch (except from framerate of course :p).

Thanks for your understanding and your consideration for my trouble ! (I think I'm quite cold-minded considering 70% of my UPlay games are totally unavailable)



Since a few weeks, all my "old" AC games won't recognise any keypress or mouse movement, hence will stay stuck at the "press any key" / "press enter key" title screen.
All the background and title animation play fine, mouse cursor is present but stuck in the top right corner.
Key combination to switch task works and gets back to the windows desktop. Key combinations to display UPlay or Steam overlays works fine too, and mouse and keyboard works fine in the overlays.
After going back to destktop, right click / close on the task bar exits the game immediately without delay or error message.

Games concerned that I bought directly from Ubisoft : AC:R, AC III, AC IV
Games concerned that I bought through Steam : AC II, AC:B (same thing when launched directly in UPlay or through Steam)
Games that works fine : AC Unity, Watch Dogs (both indicating "launching your game through Steam" when started in UPlay).

Despite some googling and forum crawling, I didn't step onto any solution or similar problem described.

Would any of you think of a simple solution to try ? I can reinstall all these softwares, but since the problem occured in a wide range of games and probably on a UPlay update, there may be other things to try first.

Thanks a lot in advance,

12-04-2014, 03:34 PM

Since you say all the older titles are affected - and have been for a few weeks - what changed?

Have you updated your keyboard drivers? / windows? / game pad?

Some times game pads - can 'hijack' controls - so even if it's not used, it can still try and control the game.

If you have a game pad connected - try removing it - and remove the driver for it and see if that solves the issue.

If it does not, you will need to contact technical support directly, since they will need to troubleshoot - www.support.ubi.com

12-07-2014, 07:32 PM
Thanks for this answer ;) I can't find what is wrong with my devices (no new ones, but drivers may have been updated as I have indeed changed my motherboard recently), but I'll try to be more thorough and check peripherals and their drivers one by one. I'll report here if I find the culprit, or I'll bother tech support if I can't.

12-26-2014, 08:43 PM
For future reference : the cause was my Saitek X-52 Pro drivers.

My X-52 wasn't working, but I discarded it because my problems arised even when it wasn't plugged in. Saitek drivers were probably messing things up. I solved it by removing USB 3.0 drivers for my motherboard, then reinstalling Saitek drivers. Now my X-52 works fine (Yeah :cool:), and my Ubi games start ok :o

Thanks for helping !

12-26-2014, 08:55 PM
Thanks for getting back to us to let us know what you found out. Hopefully it will help others who find themselves in the same situation.