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12-04-2014, 12:31 AM
So far, great game, and I love it. I've got about 19hours on it since launch, and I haven't spent that much time playing a game since highschool.

However... Probably 9 of those hours have been spent tweaking the in game settings for using a wheel. That includes changing the "degrees of rotation" in the external program. I'm using a G27 Logitech with Manual H+Clutch.

Now I can look past the absurd amount of cutscenes I have to skip through, the ridiculously over powered cops, the infuriating traffic(seriously, why do 90% of races have traffic that conveniently pops up in front of you when you take the lead?), the 'Meh' storyline, the serious lack of customization, the odd pricing, a hood is $450, but rims are $10000?, the false advertisement(there is a raid spec Raptor in the game, but there is no raid spec available for it, and I believe this applies to other vehicles and classes as well), the absolutely laughable offroad physics, the goofy menus and map controls, the incredibly irritating voiceovers during races, and the really weak and unbalanced sound. Why my engine is the quietest thing in the game? I don't know, but it does become a pain in the neck when you're trying to shift off of the engine noise, but you've been banging off the rev limiter for 2 seconds without even hearing it.

What I can't look past are these wheel settings. There isn't really any point in having sliders for those settings, they might as well be "on/off" buttons. If it's too sluggish and you move it up one little tick, then it becomes way too sensitive to maintain control at high speeds. Too sensitive? Move it down one little tick and it becomes too sluggish to make multiple quick turns during a race, or pursuit. If the wheel is too light and you bump up the force feedback, then it wants to either break your wrists or throw you out of your chair. Seriously, be careful if you have the vibration and force feedback turned all the way up. If you leave your thumb in the wheel, or have your wrist at a weird angle, it could injure you. I don't know if these were setup to give "the most realistic" experience, but it's not realistic, or fun at all. I.E. at a dead stop you can turn the wheel with one finger. When driving at 150mph with a two handed death grip, the wheel is in charge.

Before anyone from Ubisoft says that it's my fault because I used the external Logitech program, I have tried it both with and without using the program and didn't see much of a difference. Aside from changing the degrees of rotation.

If you play with a keyboard, or gamepad feel free to ignore my rant.

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12-04-2014, 12:52 AM
So they knew about this pre-launch and decided not to fix it? Or they are so inept that they didn't think anyone would ever play this game with a G27?

12-04-2014, 01:16 AM
I've only made a minor tweak to the default settings (unless it remembered from my Beta profile) and have been playing with rotation set to 670 degrees on my Fanatec wheel. You have to endure early on but once your car hits around Level 300 it gets better. Especially with upgraded suspension components.