View Full Version : Wheel + Manual H Players

12-03-2014, 10:45 PM
I'm using a wheel along with a manual H shifter and pedals in interior view only, playing in hardcore mode. To those of you who do so too, how do you fare in average? I find that I'm having a hard time keeping up although I fare alright in sims like Iracing & ACorsa, of course I'm by no mean seeking the same kind of experience here.

I am currently trying the mission "Turf Wars" probably for the 10th time but my driving skill apparently just isn't cutting it. It's a rate 66 mission if I recall correctly, I am driving the Dodge challenger srt8 rated about 67. I sometimes manage to grab 1st place through careful cornering but that old black car is really hard to beat, the other three are a joke and that mission might as well have been a duel. I'm frustrated and hopefully I can move on with the game without completing that mission. Quick coops for it are always rejected.

Even if I'm getting a better feel of the game's physics with every new hour I spent racing the reason for which I want to play the way I do is for the immersion, not to make the game that much harder. I once got back to external view using auto shifting and it felt much easier and could succeed easily with gold where I struggled for bronze normally. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to the Crew but I feel the AI isn't perfectly balanced for such play style.

EDIT: Well, I failed a couple more times. Decided to try it with external view, keyboard control and auto shift (still hardcore mode though) and won easy on the first try. I feel the 3 main reasons are:

1- The subpar force feedback that prevents me from correctly reading the car behavior and weight shift to react accordingly.Being able to see visually how the car moves and shift its weight fulfilled that need. I'm looking forward to them improving the ffb.
2- The Nitro that in auto shift mode keeps pushing the car through the gears, while in manual you rapidly reach the rev limit and waste it.
3- The external view gave me a good space awareness that allowed me to be mindful of my surroundings thus anticipating on the other cars movements and avoiding a few collisions and fish tails. Interior view, lacking any sort of mirrors simply is at a big disadvantage.