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12-03-2014, 09:40 AM
After several days of playing beta and now one day with launch version here is list of improvement ideas. Major issue now is to get the right balance to steering and effect force feedback. Currently you have to scale forces so low that center spring is almost non existing.

1. Documentation of current settings.

Now there is separate control and wheel settings and at least some controller settings also affect wheel. What is needed to description of effect (if any) of each settings slider to wheel. It has been quite frustrating to try to get decent feeling to driving. For example I was hoping that scaling vibration down at controller settings could scale down force settings.

2. Wheel needs adjustable center spring.

One way would be adding degrees of rotation adjustment and you can get more center spring for smaller values. Currently adding more force feedback does affect also center spring. But when you put more force feedback you also get harder effects for example for jump landing. At level above one click effects are so strong that you can no longer finish off road races because you spin after every jump landing. And with full force it starts to rip your hands off.

Adjusting degrees of rotation would be nice feature in any case.

3. Force feedback effects needs to be separately adjustable. Jump landing, curbs etc needs to be separated from center spring.

If the balance between effects and center string is good (like it is at Forza Horizon 2 for reference) it would be enough to have just force feedback level and degrees of rotation adjustments.

4. Mapping of R and L to wheel or provide use of gamepad and wheel at same time.

5. Fix this bug: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/965888-Force-Feedback-STOPS-WORKING-CONSTANTLY-Temp-Solutions-amp-Causes-(PS4-)

12-04-2014, 08:24 AM
At this thread for PC at end there is text for high torque wheels.
> Samples
> High Torque Wheels
> Default params give too much FFB on dirt because of the bumps.
> Here a base for them ( I have a RFR High Torque Custom Wheel 14Nm )
> LoadPower is set to 1 to have pure linear FFB
> Camber effect is greatly reduced
> LatFactor is increased.

Thrustmaster TX is high torque wheel so these settings changes are needed for Xbox One too!

12-04-2014, 02:02 PM
Regarding the issues with the Thrustmaster wheels, our devs are working on this together with Thrustmaster. We'll update with more information as we get it

12-04-2014, 02:46 PM
Thanks! I'm confident that you will make it right.

There are for example so many nice things like big trucks, planes etc. to look at game races that can't wait to get to play it with good steering response. You have done good job on many areas.

12-05-2014, 08:19 AM
Thrustmaster TX is high torque wheel so these settings changes are needed for Xbox One too!

With all my respect with Thrustmaster company that are making very nice wheels, the Thrustmaster TX is not a high torque wheel, high torque wheel are wheel that produce more than 10Nm, like Leo Bodnard, AccuForce wheels.

Here some values measured

G27 ~= 3Nm
T500RS ~= 6Nm
CSW ~= 5Nm
CSW2 ~= 7Nm
T300/TX, I don't know the value I didn't measure them yet, but I from testing it's around 5Nm

Appart from that I have to agree with you that the FFB is too strong on bumps ( dirt / kerbs ) , and not tight enough on center.


12-05-2014, 02:25 PM
Regarding the FFB issue:
• This bug has been identified and will soon be fixed.
• While the fix is implemented, here is a quick workaround:
o In order to have the Force FeedBack working again on the wheel, you simply need to move the left PAD stick a little from right to left, then move the WHEEL a little from right to left and the FFB should be back on the wheel.

12-08-2014, 09:21 AM
FFB was greatly improved after server updates before weekend. Now it is possible to get working FFB with every car/spec. Issue that remains is that every car/spec needs own FFB level. This is very harmful for online races where car is automatically changed and you have no possibility to adjust before race. Also it is not very convenient to make adjustments all the time anyway.

Currently there is need to add ~6 click more FFB when moving from dirt to street, ~3 click less from dirt to raid and ~3 clicks more from street to circuit. It might even need car specific settings, but have not had enough cars yet to see.

Feature request: I propose that there would be car specific steering settings option. That makes would make for example possible to tune cars for different driving styles. Implementation could be done by adding one check box 'Car specific' to steering settings. If that is checked all settings only affect current car. If not selected common setting would be used.

At least now in my opinion there may not be any need for degrees of rotation adjustments at this game. All specs very very nice to drive with 900 degrees.

The open world of this game has been amazing (played to LVL 50), best there has been so far for any game. Great job!