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12-03-2014, 01:07 AM

i was lookin forward till i buy this game, cause i like cars and mmos and this game seemed to be mmorpg just with cars, wow. But reality is different, where is MMO? Maybe its an RPG car game, but definetly not MMO. Maybe im dump, so i will ask, whats the point of playing this online? This could be nice solo game, as NFS.

Got some things to discuss:
1. How to comunicate on global chat with all players? I didnt find the way how to write to anyone, except adding him to party.
2. As said on this forum, it should be more realistic to feel the speed. Turning is ok.
3. Graphics doesnt look like trailer graphics even on full details.
4. Dunno if its meant to, but when u reach St. Louis and finnish some Qs then Detroit missions are refreshed, but with the same story line.
5. Some jumps are bugged, time to time i make flip in the air even on straight ramp.
6. What is MMO in this game?
7. For newcomers i think there are quite chaotic and not userfriendly controls, not the game but the HUD.

Got more stuff, but i think its enough for start.

Im not happy from this game, but even not dissapointed. I believe it will improve asap. MMO or not, i still gonna play this till the end. But then i stop if nothing will change, cause nothing more will be fun.

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